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Just about the same!

It is hard to explain things beyond our realm of experience.

How do you tell someone about being a parent, falling in love, accomplishing something you didn’t believe possible, loosening your virginity or running a company that accomplishes continual growth of profitable revenue regardless of the conditions or competition?

We all know the old saying “if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting,” and it doesn’t seem to matter how many talks we have or books we read or what the writing on the wall says.  Change has risk, and change is very hard.

One difference between loosing virginity and the CEO engaging in the continuous Engineered Growth of profitable revenue is the virgin has heard sex is good or maybe great, but CEOs haven’t heard a lot from peers or competitors who have been there and done that Engineered Growth thing since it is so new, and if competitors have applied Engineered Growth to their business, they are sure not going to share – they want to keep the advantage all to themselves.

The second difference is the virgin at least thinks they know what they are supposed to do.  The CEO on the other hand not only doesn’t know what to do, but normally fears they also have to stop doing a lot of things they currently are doing.  Often the things they have to stop are the ones that got them to where they are today and maybe even made them rich.

The third difference is the virgin has heard all the stages of sex have some really nice benefits, while the CEO believes the only good part of Engineered Growth comes after the hard work and the risk.  The CEO believes no matter how good the end is, the path to get there is hard, risky and might not be worth it.

Now let’s look at the facts.  Difference one – The word on the street is Engineered Growth is the only safe way to run an organization that wants predictable, profitable revenue growth.  The best estimate today is over 10% of companies have CROs, (Chief Revenue Officers) and CROs are practicing some form of Engineered Growth based on revenue science and have found it to be both GREAT and SAFE!

Difference two – If a CEO is not practicing Engineered Growth, they have no “revenue strategy” which means everything they do is unintentional, just hoping for good results.  No strategy means they can’t have an intentional revenue process.  So any process in place is so someone can earn an MBO bonus for doing “something” even if that “something” is marginally effective or wrong.  If the CEO is not practicing Engineered Growth, it is a sure bet that everything is hard, risky and very expensive.  So like the virgin, the CEO thinks they are OK today yet they will learn change is required for sustainability, and there is a better way that is easier and a lot more fun.

Difference three – The CEO thinks the beginning and the middle parts of Engineered Growth process is hard and no fun, but the truth is that once the CEO understands how hard and expensive it is to maintain the current high “Cost of Chaos,” they realize that right now is the REALLY hard, risky and VERY expensive place to be, and they see that Engineered Growth immediately brings clarity, motivation, energy, increased sales and profits that are unavailable today.

Finally, the really big difference between the two is that there is a lot of risk for the virgin once they decide to change their status.  The risks are physical, emotional, financial and cultural and last a life-time.  For the CEO, the risks (financial, cultural, survival, etc) are all from NOT changing status.  The Engineered Growth process puts the CEO on a continuous path to revenue growth, gets their team and partners all aligned to the same revenue strategy, immediately starts to remove the “Cost of Chaos,” forms an aligned revenue process, releases the topline to grow and makes every day of every year safer for the CEO and all of the stakeholders by virtually assuring sustainability.

Risk and opportunity are everywhere.  CEOs who decide to change their status and commit to Engineered Growth will see immediate and lasting benefits that will bring prosperity, scalability and security to their company and sustainability for the long-term.  They will be the most desirable place to work because the team will know where they are, where they are going, how they will get there and how each team member adds value along the way.

Don’t be an Engineered Growth virgin – take that first step and enjoy the trip – you will love the outcome.