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Every person and organization CAN “Live a Revenue Culture” if they commit to doing 5 simple things – NO Matter What!

1st – View everything from the buyer’s frame of reference, starting with targeting the buyer who will get the greatest monetized value from your offer. Find Your Ideal Buyer.

2nd – Apply your BIG Purpose to answer the 5 Revenue Strategy questions to develop a deployable and executable Revenue Strategy.

Maximized Profit Requires Optimized Culture

3rd – To empower your team  place your Revenue Strategy on the True North of a compass face. Place desired behaviors above the East – West horizon line & strategy inhibitors below the line.

4th – Apply BellCurve 2.0 to know where to invest your resources (financial, human, time, and focus). Say NO to everything else.

5th – Apply the Revenue RoadMap Buyer-Back methodology to manage & measure value flow to continually improve revenue and the Culture.