Common Questions About Revenue Generation:

What is included in a good sales activity report?

The purpose of activity reporting is to anticipate results instead of reacting after the fact. You’re checking to ensure that the sales reps are a) doing the right things and b) doing enough of the right things. It is NOT to simply "make sure they’re working".

The requirement on the company, therefore, is to know what those right things are, and to know the quantity it takes to achieve the desired results. METRICS RULE. For example, in order to book a sale:

• How many target prospects will lead to
• How many qualified prospects will lead to
• How many initial meetings will lead to
• How many proposals/quotes/demos will lead to
• How many Statement of Work contracts will lead to
• Buying Decision

The sales activity report is designed to ensure that these things are being done + the retention activities to keep a satisfied client. If you don’t know what the numbers should be, just start. Tracking will soon tell you the information you need to proactively drive your sales process.

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Other common questions

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  10. What is included in a good sales activity report?
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