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Revenue Science™ the “Safest Way” to Stop Your Best Sales People From Leaving While the Rest Don’t

Did you ever hear anyone say, “I got too many great salespeople – I can’t get them to slow down my growth”? How about “As soon as I paid the year-end sales bonuses I lost 2 of my 3 best salespeople and am left with five who didn’t earn a bonus – How do I flip that”? How different would the staffing plan be if you only interviewed, hired and kept motivated sales people who were Top Performers and always sold good deals to good customers.  How different would it be if once you hire them they don’t want to go anywhere but to your 100% club trip? After looking at 10,000 companies more than 95% of those companies with salespeople are grossly over-invested in salespeople (who are their most expensive humans) and sales expenses. The over-investment is for two reasons.  The first is many organizations have salespeople doing other people’s jobs like lead gen, cold calling, customer service, networking, engineering, delivery service, training, marketing, etc.  This is not the one we will talk about today. There is second reason over half of the sales team are underperforming, missing their quota (to make matters worse many of the quota numbers are set low to encourage success) and staying on your payroll.  That second reason is Top Performers want to work in an organization that is as good as they are.  They want to be part of a Top Performing team. Most companies with salespersons would have more sales and profits with 40% of the current sales resource if:

  1. The organization could tell Top Performers from an under producers
  2. The good ones were onboarded, trained and supported as part of a professional team in the short-term and for the long-term by a committed organization.

Getting and keeping Top Performers is not as hard as most organizations want to believe.  YES “want to believe.”  Most leaders want to believe it is hard, so they have an excuse for why they didn’t do what it takes. If you want to recruit and keep professional Top Performers focus on achieving 3 things.  There is a type of Top Performers who is NOT a professional.  This post is about how to hire and retain the professional Top Performer. The “other” type is a Maverick.  Mavericks are what the name implies – they are on the fringe of everything (your process, your paperwork, your price list, etc.).  They will sell a lot – often the most in the company and they will cost a lot to manage and to keep them out of trouble (with their peers, partners, the finance department).  We are not talking about Mavericks from here on.  Mavericks want to make themselves a LOT of money, follow no rules and will not really work for anyone.  We don’t recommend hiring them because they chase professionals away and indicate the organization is about individual rainmakers not professional teams. Professional salespeople think of themselves as buyer focused, problem solvers, listeners, innovators, and they want to be team members (if you have a team for them to be part of).  These professionals expect to and will make a lot of money.  Since they know they will always make a lot of money, money is not their motivator. A perfect place for these professionals is part of a team that is world class at solving customer’s problems.  They are committed to being so good at solving customer problems the customer will never consider anyone else.  Once these professionals become part of a team with long-term customers to help they are NOT in a hurry to change jobs or move into management.  They want to keep solving complex problems by transferring value to customers. To get and keep these people with the quality of team required, do these three things:

I.  Develop a “Revenue Strategy” based on a “Worthy Intention” that will delight customers. A “Revenue Strategy” is the result of answering these 5 Questions in a deployable way.

  1. What is the brand promise?
  2. What’s the customer “problem” solved that no one else solves?
  3. What niche/s dominated?
  4. Who is the ideal customer?
  5. Which are the key offers for dominating the niche(s)?

Professionals will work where they are doing something important (worthy intention), supported as professional’s (vs pretending) and continually getting better.  A “Revenue Strategy” is the first step.

II.  The second step to be sure to hire professionals is to develop a True North:


A True North empowers the professional to proactively engage buyers with their selling team to deliver the most value possible to the buyer with the buyer paying maximum value. The True North’s Horizon Line divides the things that are part of the “Revenue Strategy” from those that are not and counterproductive.   Examples are: is what the buyer wants aligned with our Brand Promise, does the buyer want to solve the problem we solve, is the buyer in our niche, etc.

III.  The third leg of the professional’s stool is an organization-wide Revenue RoadMap. This is the buyer’s journey to get their problem solved.  The Revenue RoadMap is to be managed, measured and continuously improved:

All selling professionals value a predictable operational platform the team can confidently execute.   The platform includes tools, metrics, support, etc.  Professional salespersons are often considered the most competitive of organizational job descriptions so to have a RoadMap with a plan for the team to execute is something sales professionals would create if it didn’t exist (if you don’t have a “Revenue Strategy” and Revenue RoadMap most professionals will not even consider working for you). The fact the Revenue RoadMap is measured and continuously improved will shortly separate professionals from pretenders.  Professionals will expect a performance-based employment contract that continuously improves to be sure the team will be made up of Top Performers and new hires. Commit to Top Performing teams and develop the organization to support them today and into the future.  To do that make sure to take the time to learn and apply Revenue Science™ the “Safest Way” to Stop Your Best Sales People from Leaving You for Your Competition. 


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