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So, pick something else…

1. Study your competition – this is a great way to hire the wrong people, focus on the wrong things, and prove to your customers you only care about their money.

Pick something else – customers don’t care about what you know about those you think are your competitors. Customers care what you know about them and can do for them to make their world better.

2. Get the right people on the bus – Doctor Edwards Deming says a “bad system beats a good person every time.” A system of hiring the “right people” to put on a broken bus is never a good idea.

Pick something else – that something else starts with applying Revenue Science™ to create a good system that produces great results with everyday talented people who are passionate about your organizations “Worthy Intentions” for delivering compelling buyer value.

3. Innovative companies are the winners – innovation gets VC funding, articles in the paper, a cool website, some blue-chip people, and a pool table in the lunch room. As a strategy, all it does for sure is burn money faster.

Pick something else – Innovation is a tool that helps an organization with a Five Question Revenue Strategy and deployment plan do better than an identical company with no innovation.

4. First mover advantage – First mover advantage based on innovation gets more VC funding, more articles, blue-chip people and some good gray hairs, a pool table and a climbing wall with twice the burn rate since it must launch and scale at the same time.

Pick something else – Most first movers are first to the bench and cost their founders their life savings. Every business and product goes through predictable steps. Revenue Science™ calls those steps the Revenue RoadMap and the Revenue RoadMap moves predictably across the BellCurve. You may call the BellCurve “the diffusion of innovation” or another science based prediction tool. No matter how you measure the “first movement”, it is just one factor out of literally hundreds and if miss managed, it is just another name for a “time bomb.”

5. You must do competitive RFPs to win government business – this is a great way to show the world you are a low-priced vendor and you are successful because you have learned to read the small print and suck out every penny possible with “changes orders” or you do a few deals in a good economy just to collapse in a down economy.

Pick something else – Government work is often low margin with frequent peaks and valleys. As long as the government is spending big and the “change orders” aren’t being reviewed, many do well. Those few that started by solving a real set of compelling problems get sole source work that transcends the peaks and valleys. These problem solvers receive just value for the problems solved. If you are serious, always solve compelling problems and stand by your value.

6. Operational Excellence assures success – if doing the same thing over and over combined with a continuous improvement process is perceived as valuable by your customers. The world most customers operate in keeps changing. When the customers world changes they don’t like to keep paying for the same stuff they have been buying since everything has changed.

Pick something else – in most industries operational excellence is not a compelling value – it is the cost of entry. The Revenue Science™ Five Question Revenue Strategy will make your compelling value clear and expressed from the customer’s frame of reference.

7. You can’t measure Marketing – The louder they tell you marketing can’t be measured the faster you run in the other direction. The more they promise that an element of a marketing program measures eye balls, or clicks or page views or other things just too new and too cool for those with P&L responsibility to understand the faster you put them on “do not call”

Pick something else – the ability to successfully grow “both” sales and profits is an organization wide activity. Between 99 and 100% of your team must be aligned and committed to predictable “Revenue Generation.” Marketing is measurable in the way it does or doesn’t create behavioral outcomes in people that support the selling effort. Today marketing is the enabler for your ideal customers to opt-in and it is measured in both outcomes and resources invested.

8. Success is about growing sales – twice I have sold myself and my company out of business. Sales need delivery capability and the capital to fund delivery before the customer pays. A sales focus can also bankrupt you because of lack of margin or a far too long sales cycle or poorly defined offers that create law suits from customers.

Pick something else – a Revenue RoadMap lays out the roles for the total organization to help ideal buyers opt-in, to do compelling Joint SOWs with sales and assures on time – on budget deliveries to delight customers. Success is an aligned Revenue RoadMap and the discipline to follow the map.

There are infinite ways to go broke. Don’t use the ones you know don’t work. Stop doing stuff proven to be dumb – get someone who is certified in Revenue Science™ help you “Pick Something Else!”


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