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What if You Could...

Trust your sales forecasts?

Reduce costs of sales and marketing?

Stop ending every month in a panic?

Outgrow your competitors even in difficult market conditions?

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Welcome to The Revenue Game®

If you are tired of the ineffectiveness of ad hoc marketing efforts, you recognize the high cost of sales, and you are challenged by your organization’s inability to consistently execute…

If you are frustrated at the high cost of generating revenue without knowing what results you’re getting from dollars spent…

If you want to win The Revenue Game® with proactive and profitable growth—regardless of market conditions…

…Then watch this video

The Three Stages of Revenue Generation


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rick-mcpartlin The Revenue Game

RICK MCPARTLIN founded The Revenue Game® and developed Revenue Science™ to help companies focus on the business survival criteria to continually grow sales and profits.

Rick has held senior executive positions and consulted for many Fortune 500 firms (Sun Microsystems, Siemens, E&Y, Johnson & Johnson), Vistage and hundreds of small companies. 

He’s shared his passion for “revenue generation as a science” for more than 25 years at the Conference Board, professional conferences, Vistage CEO groups, and earned TEC Canada’s U.S. 2008 Speaker of the Year.

Rick’s proudest achievement is the development of the Revenue Resources Required and the “Cost of Chaos” metrics to manage the growth of sales and profits no matter what is going on around you.

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