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21st Century “Revenue Science™” Rules


In the 21st Century, “Revenue Science™” is a must have just like Quality, Lean and Six Sigma were 20th Century must haves for intentionally successful leaders.

“Revenue Science™” brings new roles, new rules and new tools that must be applied by every organization that plans to survive and thrive in this constantly changing world.

Businesses are like the people in our lives. They are always changing but still guided by the laws of science and the human spirit. Take the time to learn about Revenue Science™ and how to “Live a Revenue Culture” to win The Revenue Game in today’s complex and transitioning world.

Learn about the rules of the Revenue RoadMap that shows traditional leaders (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Sales, and Marketing) and now the CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) how to predictably grow profitable revenue regardless of market changes and learn about becoming a member of the “Revenue Science™” community so you can continually improve your knowledge and skill.

In the 21st Century the relationship between buyer and seller thrives on transparency and trust, which create value for both. Another 21st Century rule is the buyer is in control! The digital world allows the buyer to see the details about the seller’s products and services. Even more important this transparency means the buyer sees the seller’s business model, actual behaviors and determines trustworthiness before ever meeting.

The seller’s business model shows if the seller runs their business as a partner committed to transferring value or if the seller is a vendor who runs a win/lose business to maximize the seller’s short-term profit. Today’s buyer lives by the old saying “who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.”

Since the internet provides transparency, every company decides if they will intentionally walk their talk to manage what the market sees or will they let the market create their version based on random or unintentional yet transparent messages to the market.

A last century’s myth was that sales were a relationship business and that a strong personal relationship between the salesperson and the buyer was adequate for success. Today no CEO would do business based only on a “personal relationship” with the salesperson if they didn’t trust the company the salesperson represents.

Trust is often based on how the world sees a business online. That online view is a combination of a company purpose, what it says, and what it does. When those things are aligned, the market responds with trust and presents opportunities for the buyer and the seller to create great value.

When those things a company says are not aligned, then the market believes what they see. While every business should have a worthy intention / purpose that the customers value, it is

critical that they then have the integrity to live that intention since we live in a transparent world, and the world believes what it sees.

Take the time to learn the science and live accordingly – those are the 21st Century rules.

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