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About Rick McPartlin

Helping our clients generate proactive and profitable growth

RICK MCPARTLIN grew up in the auto industry. As that industry learned how to apply “Lean Thinking” to survive. Rick applied his degrees in accounting, IT, and management to what he saw. It was clear “Lean Thinking” was as applicable to Revenue Generation as to manufacturing. That insight resulted in the development of Revenue Science™ that continually grows sales and profits NO MATTER WHAT. Today in the world of Revenue Science™ “Lean Thinking” is called “Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Thinking and brings the same massive improvements to the Revenue Generation world that “Lean Thinking” brought to manufacturing.

Rick has held senior executive positions and consulted for many Fortune 500 firms (Sun Microsystems, Siemens, E&Y, Johnson & Johnson), as well as Vistage and hundreds of small companies. He’s shared his passion for Revenue Science™ at the Conference Board, professional conferences, Vistage groups, and earned TEC Canada’s U.S. 2008 Speaker of the Year.

Rick’s proudest achievement is the development of the Revenue Science™ tools like Certification in CRO Thinking, Revenue Resources Required, BellCurve 2.0, True North and the “Cost of Chaos”. All of these manage the growth of sales and profits NO MATTER WHAT is going. Rick is committed to the idea that no person or company will fail because they do not understand the business context of Revenue Science™.


Much of my confidence comes from having them on my crew.

"I've been sailing boats and businesses for over 25 years and have never run into a navigator as good as The Revenue Game. Much of my confidence comes from having them on my crew."

Larry Lazin
Chief Executive Officer
Global Lighting

We would wholeheartedly recommend him to any company interested in maximizing their top line potential.

"Rick has helped us in a variety of revenue-driving projects, from broad conceptual models to focused individual coaching. Among other things Rick’s contribution helped us to rationalize and ultimately execute a complete reorganization of our sales model to nearly double revenue over the past three years. We would wholeheartedly recommend him to any company interested in maximizing their top line potential."

Scott Gilbert
Chief Financial Officer, ESS

Their approach helped re-focus our energies

"They offered Siemens a discipline for launching new products that forced us to plan for the "moment of truth" with our customers. Their approach helped re-focus our energies away from the many cross-functional conflicts often associated with bringing products to market -- to be guided by our customers' priorities."

Susan Bailey Schramm
Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing
Siemens Carrier Networks / Siemens Information and Communication Networks 

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