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Today, we continue our video series of Revenue Science™ the Context for Business.

The time has come for small / medium businesses and your time is now!

The late 1800s were the first time in history humans started working for and buying from faceless corporations that mass produced products and services necessary for almost every living person.

After thousands of years of buying from and selling to those we walked to see who had relationships with our family’s for generations the faceless mass producers / employers took control of everything while making our lives better than could have been imagined.

The cost of better was lack of control, trust, individual choice, and knowledge of what to do when freedom of choice was important.

140 years later the web, the internet, Google, Facebook and other digital technologies have replaced mass producers with small / medium business as the buyer preferred source and put the buyer firmly in charge of everything. The buyer’s new preference is for buyer focused value providing SMEs.

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