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Decisions about who you hire, your partners, and those who advise you have become more important and more complex every day.

Just hiring someone good, or a famous consulting firm or partnering with a big-name company, not only isn’t enough, but it can put your survival at risk.

The world is not short of smart people or companies who have had success, or who will make you promises for the future.  High risk is when each of these possible choices have their own special sauce or their own mission. They bring processes, methodologies, special languages, and unique ways to measure success.

For some reason, those of us who run companies are okay with betting our future on many unaligned resources who are only part of our team for the short-term.  Worst we pay them, they cash the check and if you don’t get what you need, you start over with a new search, a new check and hope it turns out different.

Science, engineering, and the practice of medicine know that everyone must have the same fundamental knowledge, and they must use the same process, metrics, and language.  Building a house, a car or having surgery needs teams with aligned language, strategy, and execution – anything else is ridiculous.

The world is complex, competitive, and changing so fast we can’t wait for unaligned people or organizations in our life to get to the same page to support our survival.

Continually growing sales and profits, is the single indicator of survival.  You must have as much alignment in that process as possible.  Here are 5 reasons you must have Revenue Science™ certified help, instead of hoping you can find people or organizations who will invest in aligning with you for today’s project.

Reason 1You need a True North to be trusted.  Those who are certified come with aligned language, principles, a transparent worthy business intention and a culture that wants to make money, when their client makes money.  This is called a True North.  The transparency of the True North contributes to mutual trust and aligned execution.

Those who have been Revenue Science™ certified, have demonstrated mastery of a True North that they apply to every customer relationship.

Reason 2Success is a result of seeing the world from the “Customer’s Frame of Reference.”  Deploying Revenue Science™ starts from the customer’s frame of reference.  Those who have mastered Revenue Science™ know “Revenue Generation” success, is based on aligned buyers and sellers.  Those sellers who focus on “deeper wallet share,” “how to upsell,” “how to cross-sell,” and how to create “sticky contracts” are never welcomed by buyers.  Those sellers who just want to make money from their buyers and then move to the next buyer have an HQ (Headquarters) frame of reference, all their success is transactional, short-term, based on low price or from stretching the truth.

Revenue Science™ and Revenue Strategies start from understanding how to make the buyer so successful they are eager to compensate those who made that success possible.

Reason 3Revenue Science™ professionals arrive fully provisioned.  Revenue Science™ like other forms of science has tools, metrics, process, and methodology surrounded by a discipline that assures compliance, ongoing review, and study.  That study drives a continuous improvement process.  Revenue Science™ like Medical Science is applied to an organism (person or business) that exists in a changing environment requiring continuous new responses to achieve survival and long-term health.

Reason 4Alignment to a Revenue Strategy is required for survival.  When you recruit companies, consultants and staff to your team who aren’t aligned, have no common strategy and have not demonstrated the mastery of Revenue Science™, there are few times the answer will be NO to any buyer question or request.

Every idea can be YES, every customer request can be YES, every price concession can be YES since there are as many directions as people or organizations on the team.  With every question, request or opportunity, the buyer’s answer can be YES, since there are no principles or guidelines to protect the buyers or sellers with a NO.

Like a good parent, coach, teacher or mentor, NO shines light on those white lines to stay between for maximum speed and safety.  All YES means, all directions, slow speeds, lots of risk and a high “Cost of Chaos”.

When you recruit companies, consultants, and staff who have demonstrated the mastery of Revenue Science™ they will rapidly identify white lines.  Your current staff, your future staff, your partners, and most of all your customers want to trust you.  Customers want to trust that you only say YES when YES is good for them.

Reason 5Revenue Science™ professionals will ask you empowering questions and challenge you to acquire habits that enhance.  The 21st Century is full of business myths about sales, marketing, metrics, relationships and how to grow.  Revenue Science™ professionals know the science and how it deploys.  One of their first tasks is to stop doing “dumb stuff” (stuff based on myth).  They determine and remove that “dumb stuff.”  Professionals are not confrontational, they don’t use personal attacks but clarify exactly what is happening today, what the intended achievement is and teaching, testing and deploying for that achievement.

This starts with empowering, clarifying, and solidifying questions.  Revenue Science™ is shared and spread by illustration and illumination of things often never before examined.  This examination is for helping individuals develop new habits that serve them, their career, and their companies.

As these individuals change their habits, the culture and the company change at the same pace.

Now the choice is, recruit companies, consultants, and staff who have mastered Revenue Science™ and have the skills and the desire, to support your predictable growth of sales and profits or those looking for their next paid engagement?


Upcoming Revenue Science™ Certification Classes:

Beginning March 17, 2018 or April 21, 2018