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All myths are built from partially true evidence.  There is a blog by Seleste Lunsford with CSO Insights which is well done and important, but like many like it contains a lot of myth.  This myth is propagated by CEB and hundreds of writers, field practitioners and companies who want to sell you products and services to do “Sales Enablement” vs helping organizations predictably grow sales and profitable revenue.

In and after the recession it was very clear that the 100-year-old selling model developed early in the last century did not work in the 21st century (if it had ever worked).  If the old model didn’t work what did those who were dependent on “selling” to survive going to do next?

Those who are dependent on “selling” are at least salespersons and sales management, the organizations that employ salespersons to close business, sales trainers, sales consultants and all those with products, services, and tools to support those people and organizations.

That is a lot of jobs, organizations, and investment built on “the 20th Century Myth.” After the recession, they can’t hide from lack of success by even the least rigorous standards.  The solutions CSO, CEB, and others took to “the 20th Century Myth” is developing things like Sales 2.0, Sales 3.0 and sales enablement.

For the most part Sales 2.0, Sales 3.0 and sales enablement are packed full of good stuff. Stuff that needs to happen (in those places it fits) and is part of an organization being able to predictably control their growth of sales and profits.  Those who were threatened by the transition from “the 20th Century Myth” now have things to sell that produce a lot more value than before, can be continuously improved and are on a path to succeed in the future but like the definition of Myth are only a partial truth.

The issue is that Sales 2.0, Sales 3.0 and sales enablement are to “Revenue Generation” what a clean operating room is to a surgeon.  It is very important, even critical but not nearly sufficient.

The complete operating theater to the business leader/owner is the application of Revenue Science™ as the cultural foundation for their company.

Revenue Science™ provides an organization-wide strategy, perspective (every person is a company has a “Revenue Generation” role), metrics, discipline and continuous improvement methodology that Sales 2.0, Sales 3.0 and sales enablement fits within.  Without the Revenue Science™ organization-wide context the organization ends up focused on the operating room only.

The blog by CSO Insight is full of value.  The Challenger Sale – CEB also has great value that can be ignored only at great risk.

There is value is in Sales 2.0, Sales 3.0 and sales enablement as long as it is aligned with and measured from Revenue Science™ strategic metrics (without that view this is no effective continuous improvement which drives survival in today’s rapidly changing world).

Read the CSO blog and The Challenger Sale but remember they are the operating room and not the complete operating theater.


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