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In the 21st Century, “Revenue Science™” is a must-have just like Quality, Lean and Six Sigma were 20th Century must-haves for intentionally successful leaders.

“Revenue Science™” brings new roles, new rules and new tools that must be applied by every organization that plans to survive and thrive in this constantly changing world.

Businesses are like the people in our lives. They are always changing but still guided by the laws of science and the human spirit.

Twice a month for the next year stand-alone pages from a new eBook will be revealed to guide those who want to win The Revenue Game in today’s complex and transitioning world.

Each page from the eBook is a step along the Revenue RoadMap that shows traditional leaders (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Sales and Marketing) and now the CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) how to predictably grow profitable revenue regardless of market changes.

This is page 1 with 24 more to come. Join us in a new world of “Revenue Generation” by becoming a member of the “Revenue Science™” community. Share with us your feedback, experience, challenges, and observations or just come along to observe and learn.

At the start of the 20th Century, there were no CEOs, CIOs, CTOs or CFOs. There was no Lean or Six Sigma. The first computer was not invented. Most homes didn’t have a telephone, and no one even knew they needed a TV.   Cars were measured by the total number in a city or state, and thousands of people had never seen one.

Only the largest corporations used terms like president, chairman and vice president. Most organizations were small, flat, uncomplicated and local in focus. By the end of the century ,TVs were in every room, cars in every garage and cell phones in every pocket. In the 21st Century, not only do we have CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and CFOs to support things like global supply chain and distribution, but now we have the ”21st Century Science of “Revenue Generation,” which requires CRO Thinking and deployment skills.

“Revenue Science™” adds a new strategic office to the leadership team, the CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) who brings “new rules” and “new tools.” Those of us who want to survive and thrive must learn “Revenue Science™” Rules and Tools. Not using the teachings from “Revenue Science™” would be like ignoring computers, medical science and the requirement to keep learning.

Welcome to the 21st Century Science of “Revenue Generation” and CRO Thinking. Stay tuned for the Rules and Tools you need to Survive and Thrive or proceed at your own risk.