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“Sales is all that matters” and then “digital and social is all that matters.”

Both statements were extreme based on current siloed views of “Revenue Generation” without much reflection on Revenue Science™.

The goal of this post is to slow down the pendulum and balance both the mission and the deployment to provide the most value possible for all parties.

Marketing, social, and all forms of digital have value to deliver across the Revenue RoadMap.  Sales not only delivers but more importantly works with the buyer to create value in a specific part of the Revenue RoadMap.  Sales takes those ideal buyer suspects from marketing, does a triage and qualification based on the Revenue Strategy being deployed and then makes sure the buyers receive and fully appreciated the impact (business and operational) of partnering with the seller to solve this problem.

The role of selling is not to just get the money from the buyer.  The role of selling is to be sure the buyer gets the greatest value possible and the seller gets the greatest amount of value earned.

This prelude is to share with you that recently The Revenue Game was a guest blogger featured in the Renaissance Executive Forums and I’d like to share it with you here. Enjoy the post!



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