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Once upon a time in a land far, far away all of today’s entrepreneurs started their business because they had a dream.

The dream may have been to design great homes, or serve comfort food like grandma’s, or design great games that educated kids.

A few entrepreneurs started a business to transfer money from others bank account to the entrepreneurs’ bank accounts.  For the good of “others” these entrepreneurs don’t last too long.  No likes doing business with those who only want a larger wallet share.  These entrepreneurs have trouble getting partners and employees and end up having short-term success if any.

Those that started their business in that land far, far away with a dream often end up acting just like entrepreneur who just wants more wallet share.  How does that happen and what should they do about their dream?

There are lots of ways and reasons the dream gets lost between the land far way and today but one of the most common is some combination of a too good to be true bubble and a touch of greed.

The only people who will give you money for your dream are the ones that share your dream.  Those that share your dream for “great home designs” or “comfort food” not only will pay you but they will pay you more that they will pay the wallet share entrepreneur for an OK home design or cheaply prepared food.

Not only will they pay you more but they tell all their friends and come back often.

But if those who share your dream will give you money, referrals, repeat business and more margin why do so many entrepreneurs decide to look like wallet share entrepreneurs?  Bubbles come up for individuals, regions, and the world.  Bubbles are those situations where the buyers are buying in a frenzy without much thought other than they must participate in the buying bubble.  Bubbles are big in the stock market, clothing, housing, design (think shag carpet) and food.  When bubbles are in full swing those that started with a dream are tempted to sell anything the buyer will pay for as fast as the buyer will transfer money.

Soon the dream is gone and replaced by “just sell one more” of what the buyer wants.  That is where the greed kicks in.  Someone told us more is better.  When the dream was the motivation it was clear that better was better.

For that entrepreneur who started with a dream fulfilling the buyer frenzy of the bubble seems smart and the business changes form.  Those who gave this entrepreneur money because of the dream are disillusioned and move to someone else’s dream (getting them back is hard or impossible since you deceived them).

“Revenue Science™” and today’s technology have seen that bubbles come and go faster and faster every day.  Where there was only one comfort food restaurant in town 3 months ago, there is only one on this block now.  The only sure thing about a bubble is that it will burst and life after a bubble is likely poor quality or short lived.

“Revenue Science™” has seen that in today’s technology fueled markets those buyers who share the dream can tell the difference from those just fulfilling the bubble and those who launched the dream with passion and commitment.

Those buyers who share the dream believe the technology lets them find the true believers and become their customers.  Again, the true believer buyer is there during and after the bubble and always willing to pay for and refer to the dream.

When the bubble has burst, those pretenders who fulfilled during the bubble are gone and now fulfilling a new bubble.

Those with a real passion and a dream have a great start for a long-term successful business if they learn the revenue side.  When they learn the “Revenue Science™” side of the business the dream is the most important thing to monetize.

Think about Disney’s “Happiest Place on Earth” or BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” and you can see success of the dream does not require a bubble just a passion, a commitment and the discipline to use “Revenue Science™” to make sure those who share the dream travel from the land far, far away right along with you.

Go back to your office and get that dream you started the business with out of your desk.  Live that dream and learn how to share it with other dreamers.


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April 29, 2017