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Do your customers describe you as a value-added thought leader or a vendor who sells based on price?

The buyer measures your value offered and provided.  The yardstick by which the buyer measures is “what they are willing to pay for what you do – based on what they get.

When a buyer enters the market they are searching for something to make their world better.  If the buyer is a business – better is about growth, profits, safety, attracting more business, better staff, etc..

Discounts don’t make a business buyer better and since every organization the business deals with can provide a discount it is just a little cash saving noise vs being better.

Thought leaders are focused on the buyer’s frame of reference, able to understand what the buyer is searching for and adding to the buyer’s world by teaching, designing, delivering and helping the buyer monetize that value to make the buyer’s business better short-term and long-term.  The result exceeds the buyer spec and makes the buyer better than any other choice the buyer can make.

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