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Brexit, AI, Tariffs, Internet of Things, Full Employment, Driver-less Cars and the Power of Social Media have changed the world.  Things used to be measured by five-year plans with yearly reports and adjustments.  Today we measure digital and social impact by the morning’s impact vs afternoon’s and over-night’s impact.  There is no overnight or weekend lulls since everything is real-time, global and the world does not sleep.

We change the language of a website with one click and we can buy anything regardless the buyer or seller’s home currency.

The technology, economics, available team skills and customer preferences change almost daily.  How do you know if:

  • You should hire or layoff
  • Launch or wait
  • Scale or pilot
  • Hold the line or change
  • Invest in more
    • People
    • Training
    • Software
    • Research
  • You should do what your customers say or be the thought leader you want to be
  • You should raise prices, hold or drop them to get the deal

Revenue Science™ is the Safest Way to know what to do next, because it starts with elements you define and control, aligns that with your ideal customers compelling problems, then applies science and methodology that aligns all elements to eliminate “dumbstuff” born from myth and “partially true evidence”, reviews the behavioral outcomes, measures leverage and intentionally improves outcomes on the way to achieving both short-term and long-term goals for you and your customer.

Research says there is only one thing that assures your company will survive NO MATTER WHAT.  That is to CONTINUALLY PRODUCE MORE SALES AND PROFITS.

CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) Thinking based on Revenue Science™ is deployed and executed removing your current “Cost of Chaos” by eliminating that “dumbstuff”, which assures your survival and positions you to thrive.

The Revenue Game® has spent thirty years developing Revenue Science™ with a combination of the worlds largest companies and Vistage sized companies as partners.  The result is a science when deployed by those certified in the CRO Thinking is the “Safest Way” to survive and thrive in the short-term for the long-term.

To learn more feel free to review hours of video and hundreds of pages of Revenue Science™ posts on our website.

Revenue Science™ is very similar to medical science and both differ from mathematical science.  Mathematics is a science with clearly defined boundaries and once defined everyone knows exactly what things mean and the results from applying the science are 100% predictable.

Medical Science and Revenue Science™ are a combination of dozens of sciences that all act on the human for the doctor and the business for Revenue Science™ – both sciences create the greatest value when applied by a professional (MD or Certified CRO) who has mastered the science and learned the best options for deployment based on the diagnosis for a specific situation in need of a specific problem to be solved.

Mathematics has only one right answer to a problem vs Medical and Revenue Science™ who arrive at the best possible answer for an individual or organization using all the science, the short-term and long-term goals and the specific situation.

Medical and Revenue Science™ help the individual or the organization get rid of myth, unnecessary input, and apply what is left to the specific goals for the short-term and long-term as a result of eliminating all the “dumbstuff” leaving a few good options to pick from.

If you are in business, you survive based on your ability to continually grow sales and profits.  With all the change in today’s world you better get certified in Revenue Science™ or contract with outsourced CRO talent or get really lucky for a long time.


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