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Content is an asset that helps suspects opt-in and become prospects.  It can help prospects share ideas with peers and leadership to become clients.  Content is a way to demonstrate thought leadership and prove who can deliver on the thought leadership.

Read this free download of “In-House vs. Outsourced Content Creation” and the following three reasons why this post is so important.

  1. Content – we all know that producing content is an important way to attract and keep clients. If the content is thought leadership it demonstrates value that others need but can’t do themselves.  Content is an asset and can be used in many ways to not only attract and keep clients, but it can be part of the offer to the client, customer services and a proof the client should contract with you for a fee based on value delivered.

While most of us know content is an asset the article helps decide how to balance the value of content with the cost to create itA very good thing.

  1. Teaching ideal clients – this article does a GREAT job of training the ideal customer out there in the market when and how to opt-in with the author. So readers are learning when and how to become clients of the writer.

Every one of us can and should be doing that.  When you do this you are adding great value and making it easy for your suspect to opt-in at the right time and in an easy way.  Make this approach part of your marketing.

  1. Giving value to the market – every successful company over the long-term will provide value to the market because it is the right thing to do.

This article is a great example of adding value, of giving to the market and positioning the author to receive value from the market.  There is nothing here that can’t be done by any company (for next to no cost) and those who thrive will do it and that is not just important but very cool.


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