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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give!” – Winston Churchill

Revenue Science™ tells us when working with clients to always start with a conceptual agreement.

If buyers and sellers can’t agree conceptually on why to work together the details of what to do together will never drive a successful relationship, so let’s look at Churchill’s wisdom from the concept first.

The great thinkers in the “Revenue Generation” world whether they are in sales, marketing or product development know both the market and the research tell us this is the age of “customer in charge”.

The internet, real-time, Google, big data and 5 stars serve the customer well. The customer can in the time it takes to consume one cup of hot coffee know who is selling what the customer thinks they are looking for. Almost at the same time, the buyer can see if the seller’s customers enjoyed the experience and the outcomes. If there are court actions, disgruntled employees or angry business partners that will be clear in another five minutes.

LinkedIn, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau point out both good news and bad as easy as The Weather Channel will predict the weather.

The buyer’s best friend is the seller themselves. When sellers “pitch” the buyers to trust them, give them the contract, buy the product, call now to get the early bird discount it is time for the buyer to step back and maybe away, because like Churchill said this seller is there to “make a living by getting what they can get.”

This sellers’ concept is to make money “from” the buyers. They have something to sell and the better they sell and “pitch” the buyers to buy the more of a living the seller makes.

The other seller’s concept is to “give” the buyer as much value as possible. To achieve that the seller learns as much about the buyer as possible. The seller learns so much the buyer recognizes the seller as a peer who speaks the same language, a partner committed to the same outcomes and a provider of intellectual value often well beyond the product value. Even when the seller brings great intellectual value in support of a best in class product the seller still spends most of their time listening to the buyer. Together they clarify the problem to be solved, the value that results from solving the problem in both the short-term and long-term before they do the Joint SOW (Scope of Work) to solidify the next steps with value for both.

This seller knows that to “give” the buyer something of great value the buyer must recognize what they are given as a valuable improvement. For the buyer and seller to share the seller’s value with the same passion they need to collaborate and communicate as members of a great team of aligned players.

“Pitching” is the seller using their language, their assumptions, and their beliefs about the buyer without having jointly arrived at a common set of goals or communication model. The seller delivers a great “pitch” and the buyer feels nothing compelling or valuable – there was NO collaboration.

Take the time to make a life. Give all that you have, and your customers will return value in kind. Go to the buyer’s frame of reference with them. Clarify the problem to be solved, jointly define the value that results from solving the buyer’s problem in both the short-term and long-term, before you do the Joint SOW (Scope of Work) to solidify the next steps with value for the buyer as well as the seller.

The result of all that giving is you make a life and a living for you and the buyer.


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