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It is so easy to grab on to one well marketed piece of content and hold on for dear life.

Many in business are holding on to a life that is slipping away because they are embracing the wrong content.

Every business lives in a context made up from the realities of Revenue Science™ and the Go-to-Market strategy being deployed.

People come to a business to support the strategies of purpose or pay check.  The culture is a result of those people and the strategy’s purpose or lack of.

Who gets on the bus and the resulting culture is a result of the business strategy deployed in the real world acted on by Revenue Science™.

The business focused on the buyers with a purpose beyond making the leadership rich will attract people who can not stop creating a purpose driven culture that adds value for all.

Don’t let anyone tell you that content is a replacement for Revenue Science™ and an intentional strategy.

Today at Revenue Science™, we’re excited to bring the next video in our series on the basic context of Revenue Science™. Watch the video below and if you’ve missed any in this series be sure to check out the rest on our blog page for more.


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