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When you have a family, a mortgage or college debt you must have cash and you must have it on a regular basis.  Often you set up auto pay at the bank and there better be cash to cover those “auto pays” and that goes on month after month.

When those cash requirements are so clear the idea of becoming, an entrepreneur is daunting if only because of your personal cash requirements.  If you were to become an entrepreneur your kids would still need the dentist, your bank would still want their payments and your parents would expect you home for the holidays.

That is why since the dawn of mass production and mass employment generations go out and get a job they may not like so that regular checks gets deposited.  Before mass production, there were people with jobs at a store or a farm or working for the government, but many entered the middle class as tradesperson or professionals or entrepreneurs because these were reasonable options for a large part of the community to achieve.

As the mass production world got more complex, technology increased the velocity of the business process, the world became the market and the competition making individuals cash requirements to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur so risky they kept that job for the dependable paycheck.

Revenue Science™ has changed that equation in the favor of the individual to both survive and thrive in business.  Revenue Science™  includes the discipline backed up with a deployable mythology, metrics, and financial model to tip the odds in favor of that individual with a passion to add value to others.

The 21st Century’s Middle Class will come from these Revenue Science™ fueled entrepreneurs who don’t just survive between regular paying jobs.  The new 21st Century’s Middle Class will use Revenue Science™  to develop an intentional and predictable value-creating business design that can be successfully deployed in the short-term and continuously improved over the long-term no matter what is going on in the market.

There are five phases this Middle Class will come to define as “part of our culture.”

  1. These aspiring entrepreneurs who have a purpose for their business that results in their customers being better off for having worked with the entrepreneur than any other option. This value-added purpose can be called a WHY, a Worthy Intention, or any other name that inspires stakeholders (investors, staff, partners, and customers) to jointly solve a problem.
  1. The purpose is motivating and compelling for the stakeholders. To monetize that purpose requires a science-based Revenue Strategy.  Revenue Science™  answers five very specific questions that will align all stakeholders in the deployment of the strategy.
  1. The aligned cross-organizational deployment of the strategy uses the Revenue RoadMap and other Revenue Science™ tools to control the process and the Revenue Resources Required (investment) to achieve the strategic outcomes.  There are very specific behavioral metrics throughout the Revenue RoadMap that will be achieved starting with helping ideal buyer’s opt-in for the solution to their problem, followed by a Joint SOW that leads to a preview of the problem solved to the buyers’ delight and finally to a contract for delivery.
  1. With the Revenue Science™ and deployment designed from the buyer back the next steps is determining exactly what must happen to achieve the behavioral outcomes and who in the entrepreneur’s team is accountable.  This is where continuous improvement becomes dominate.  Each required behavioral outcome happens for a reason.  Improving the reasons (activities) to improve the outcomes is both a real-time metric to predict the future and a way to increase short-term profits.
  1. At this point, the question is about available resources to deploy and execute the Revenue Strategy. The surprise for most organizations is that this process eliminates chaotic spending so implementation requires less resource than expected.  If even with a lower “Cost of Chaos” there is not enough resource it is easy to start making changes starting with the Revenue Strategy and proceeding through the other three steps to determine how to get the sales and profit growth for the resource available.

The 21st Century’s Middle Class will use Revenue Science™ to:

  • add great value to the community based on their passion and skill
  • live their passion and enjoy their work
  • get fully paid for the value they add
  • not have to worry about mortgage payments, college debt and their kid’s dentist bills

It is time to be part of the 21st Century’s Middle Class revival.


Revenue Science™ creates the greatest growth from your
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