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We welcome Guest Marty Gupta, Managing Director, Cap Consulting Group, Inc.  This article recently appeared on LinkedIn and seemed to fit perfectly with some of the ideas in “Revenue Science™”.

For twenty plus years we have coached corporate venture teams and, increasingly, startups that are housed in the explosion of incubators and accelerators popping up across the country. We have found that the best venture managers, whether they operate under a corporate umbrella or as an independent startup, are able to resolve opposing needs at the same time:

Bold Vision and Short-term Focus – Young companies are often fixated on their next milestone, tending to postpone the development and articulation of a vision and strategy. Successful venture teams build an aspiration for the business that is bigger than themselves. This ’cause’ helps them to attract investors, recruit new talent and motivate employees.

Conversely, other ventures struggle to set well-defined milestones and balance speed, cost and effectiveness. What are the likely milestone outcomes? What is a good result and, if achieved, what is the subsequent milestone? What is the contingency plan if the milestone is not achieved? Are team members aligned and committed to the next milestone?

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