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Today, we continue our video series on the basic context of Revenue Science™.

The world is full of “you are just trying too hard” situations.  Most of us remember being told that in dating, athletic, and academic situations.

The business world experiences the new team member trying so hard they miss all the important information right in front of them.

This trying too hard is what CEOs demand of their selling organizations, often because the CEO and the selling team don’t know any better.  Both often believe more cold calls, more calls asking for a demo and the chance to present a proposal will result in more ideal customers faster.

Then once they have a customer every day is about going after a bigger wallet share, trying a new cross-sell and adding to the list of upsells believing this will create long-term success.

Sales are accounting speak for total “earned revenue” and selling is the process to get to earned revenue.  Today’s professional knows the selling process is really a “Revenue Generation” process that starts with “Hello” and that “Hello” is often digital or social in genesis and will lead to a buyer-focused high-value offer and partnership.

Every touch, message or experience from that “Hello” to the “earned revenue” is today’s selling without all the cold calls, upsells and hard closing techniques.  Today’s selling is about buyer focused offers of great value.

Make every touch about more value for the buyer and the selling process will take care of itself.

Watch the video below to learn more for your business.



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