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The first virus lesson – there is always another surprise.

On the business side of the virus, this challenges the control of the future.  Every single person has changed.  The most basic of those changes are changes in BELIEFS and HABITS.  Once humans have changed in these fundamental ways – they will not go back.  That means your team has changed, all your current, past, and future buyers have changed, all your vendors and partners have changed.  Everyone is expecting you to have changed the RoadMap for how they will do business with you next.  Everyone is expecting your change will produce new PV (Post-Virus) value based on their change and yours.

The second virus lesson – the proactive survive

Makes this the time to say no to just improving the past.  You must find new ways to engage and add value to old customers who have changed, to new customers and lost customers who will be willing to take you back.  If the change BV (before virus) was not fast enough, get ready.  The virus accelerated change like never before.  This PV will accelerate even more and will leave old RoadMaps, technologies, beliefs, and habits in the past.

This acceleration will be led by individuals and businesses you never heard of.  These new players are short of resources (money, time, trained staff, culture, etc.) and led by people in organizations who were specs on the landscape just waiting for the world to change, so they can lead.

As Simon Sinek points out in the Infinite Game the PV winners will design their business from the Buyer Frame of Reference back, will lead a Purpose-Driven Culture of value creation, and will deploy in a People First organization.  This is the Revenue Science™ context.

The third virus lesson – Now is the time to apply Revenue Science™ or risk being left behind.

Either master Revenue Science™ to bring change to your buyers waiting for someone they trust to step up in this changed world or bring in already Certified Revenue Science™ Professionals to chart your “Revenue RoadMap”.

With all these surprises in the market, the one “known” is those who stand still are at risk.  Do not stand still.

There is a Revenue Science™ certification session scheduled in August or reach out so together we can build an individualized program for you or your team.

If you don’t have time to Master Revenue Science™ and keep up reach out to Revenue Urgent Care or fractional Revenue Science™ professionals to start immediately.

Let us surprise the virus by treating it with Science.