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Today, we continue our video series on the basic context of Revenue Science™.

Anyone who has tried to do a 5000 piece puzzle knows they have everything they need.  The skill is in putting it together right before the vacation is over.

Business is the same way.  Every business exists in the Revenue Science™ context and is governed by the exact same science.  To that extent, everyone starts out even and they have everything they need.  The winners win for one of two reasons.

They are either really lucky (at least until the bubble bursts or the competition gets better) or they learn the science and how to leverage the various parts. 

Business can learn from the medical science world.  Medical Science is a combination of dozens of scientific disciplines, managed by thousands of rules, best practices, procedures, and checklists controlled by experienced men and women who are responsible for peoples lives.

The business context is the same.  This post is how to combine, manage, control and benefit from Offers, the “Revenue RoadMap”, the BellCurve and all built on the Revenue Strategy, managed by one person thinking like a CRO (Chief Revenue Officer).

Watch the video below to learn more for your business.



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