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The doctor is in and so are you.

After you sign in, confirm contact information and payment terms the MD wants specific diagnostic information to compare to the last time and to interpret what you have to say about your health.

That diagnostic information might be blood pressure, heart rate, weight, blood tests, and sugar reading.  This information plus some focused conversation helps steer a course toward your health.

The course could be one of intervention up to and including surgery.  The course could be one of a deeper diagnosis or a keep the course and we will review again in the future.

Often the course is keeping the same basic direction but make some changes to your habits (food, sleep, exercise, stress, etc.) over time – a continuous improvement plan, so to speak.

Regardless of the course, the purpose of the Doctors diagnosis is to make sure you live a long and healthy life.

The long-term health of your business is the result of the course you chart with a CRO Doctor based on a different diagnosis.  The CRO Doctor will take you through a Five Step Revenue Science™ Diagnostic process that reviews these five items:

  1. Why do you exist
  2. BellCurve placement for you and your customers
  3. What is the customer problem you solve that no one else solves?
  4. Current Revenue RoadMap and metrics
  5. Resources to be applied

Like your MD’s diagnostic, the CRO Doctor is looking at current state compared to past state and your Ideal Future State (where you are leading your organization).

Let’s use these diagnostic tools like your CRO Doctor.

  1. WHY do you exist is a major part of your culture? This is a major consideration in why staff, partners, and buyers will or won’t engage with you.  The more powerful, compelling and unique your WHY the greater your leverage in the market.
  2. BellCurve placement for you determines the value you offer to the market. If your offers to the market are on the right side of the BellCurve you are offering “stuff” that the buyers value based on price and availability.  CRO ThinkingIf your offer is on the left side of the BellCurve you are offering lots of value based on your brain’s ability to uniquely solve a problem.  Revenue Science™, tells us the nearer your offer is to the customers’ business model (do they want stuff or brain) the more profitable the relationship will be for both.
  3. What is the customer problem you solve that no one else solves is the hardest question for a selling organization to answer since it starts with WHY you exist (from the buyer’s frame of reference) and drives what you focus on and say “NO” to.
  4. The Current Revenue RoadMap and metrics is a science-based map that starts with finding a buyer who might care, measures and tracks every step and ends with a delighted customer who pays for the full value delivered.
  5. Resources to be applied covers measuring every minute of time, every piece of structure put in place and every dollar invested to determine the intended leverage from the resource compared to the actual leverage created. It is this intentional application of resources measured by the change in “Revenue Generation” outcomes that drives continuous improvement.

The CRO Doctor’s experience in the relationships between these 5 tools makes the current state of any business understandable.  Likewise based on an understanding of the current state a company can intentionally plot a predictable “Ideal Future State”.

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