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You are a new homeowner, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and a new member of your community, city, and state.

Your home is in a quiet neighborhood including schools, a park and just one mile from the freeway.  Based on your math you are a pleasant less than a 30-minute drive to your reserved parking space.  You used Google maps and drove it yesterday to decorate your office before your first official day tomorrow.

Your math, Google and yesterdays trial run all say sub thirty minutes basically sticking with the speed laws.  Tomorrow you will go early to beat your staff to the coffee machine and be home in time for your son’s first baseball practice at 5:30.

The alarm rings at 5:30 AM.  You get up to drive to work and then to drive revenue for your company.  You are charged with energy and looking forward to a fast start in your new role.

In the car and out the garage at exactly 6:45 AM as planned but that is the last thing to go as planned the whole day.

Two schools in the neighborhood are great for your children and their safety, but two schools mean three school traffic zones between you and the main road to the freeway.  You and the two hundred other parents going to work and/or dropping off kids takes your 2-minute estimate to the freeway entrance and blows it up to 18 minutes.

Well, the kids must be safe, and you will still make it to work by 7:30 AM in time to be among the first to work.

Now the freeway entrance, which you did not realize controls the entrance to the freeway in the morning, so you sit, wait your turn and watch for the green light.  If you just exceed the speed limit on the way in you can recover this delay.

You could that is if the freeway was moving anywhere near posted speeds, which it isn’t, and you can’t go in the HOV lane.  There must be an accident ahead, but it turns out to be gawkers watching a tire change.

Every mile, yard, foot and inch of the trip was more like rock climbing than the smooth flow indicated by you doing the math and that Saturday test drive.  The result went from the estimated “less than thirty” to the real world sixty-nine minutes.  You went from intending to be the first person there forty-five minutes early to getting there just in time for you 8:00 AM staff meeting.

Now it is time to drive revenue and the flow needs to be better – a lot better and a lot more predictable.

In your CRO role helping the right suspect from the market travel, the Revenue RoadMap needs the smoothest and safest path forward or they drop out.  Even when you have a great product or service if the RoadMap is too hard, long or risky the buyer will make a safer and easier choice for a product or service that is just OK.

If your flow starts and stops – each stop becomes a point of fear (“will it start smoothly and when”), it is a point of confusion (“I thought we were on our way and we aren’t”) and it puts engagement process at risk and your integrity in question.

Your buyers are used to almost invisible engagement processes with organizations like Amazon, Disney, Apple, and the Ritz.  Your buyers want their problems solved or dreams fulfilled and seldom want a jerky engagement process with a less than clear outcome.

Once you alert suspects that you are there it becomes about how easy you make it for them to investigate everything about you, your company, your customer service, your integrity as well as products, services, and customer comments.

Your customers want to know you care more about them than Wall Street and hope you value something more than getting their money.

If you pass this suspect’s early qualification criteria and they pass yours the RoadMap flows into the “how do we work together” stage, which ends when the suspect turns into a prospect by realizing the seller solves the buyer’s problems better than any other choice.  That is where a buying decision is made.

Because both the buyer and the seller jointly arrive at the buying decision the next step is contract.   The seller’s delivery team has been working with the buyer team so there is no interrupted flow from contract to delivery like there was on the highway between sections.

This flow model where the seller cares about the buyer’s success not only creates a great outcome today but launches a long-term partnership based on each partner’s trust in and commitment to the other – that creates short-term and long-term flow.

In contrast to your drive to work where the infrastructure was designed and built often before you were born, your Revenue RoadMap is in your control.  The flow is a result of your knowledge of and commitment to solving your ideal buyers’ problems with a plan that delivers value by making the buyer’s company better while earning you a value return in kind.

Commit to and partner with your ideal customer and build the Revenue RoadMap flow that is smooth, safe and profitable for both of you.

Revenue Science™™ is an organized systematic and repeatable way to determine revenue cycles, and decrease the cost of chaos with such precision that you can see rapid decreases in your cost of sales and increases in profit within weeks and months.



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