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Three Examples of Ignoring the Science

How about you?  Do you like gravity and friction?  As I get older, gravity does nothing to improve my t-shirt or my belt size.  Friction is not in my top five laws of physics.  The combination of friction and gravity cost me thousands a year in reduced mileage, wear and tear on my tires, and when my wife makes me move furniture it does not slide nearly as easy as it did just a few years ago.

I have decided that from this day forward these laws of physics (gravity and friction) do not apply to me.  Not in my driving, golfing, furniture moving or in any other part of my life.

So, how do you think that is going to work out for me?

As ridiculous as this idea sounds, we all know people who choose to ignore science.  Some science is harder to ignore than others.

Ask your checking account about what happens when you decide that balancing does not matter and you have chosen to skip it.  First your body and then your doctor will share reality with you if you ignore medical science related to diet, stress, sleeping, exercise or chemicals.

Almost all the sciences, even the hard sciences can appear to be on a vacation from time-to-time.  For example, we hear of the person having their 110th birthday when their secret to a long life is a pack of camels and a pint of Jim Bean every day.

I have seen the world’s worst blackjack player make every statistically wrong bet, never apply good odds and yet they win for an hour straight.

There are times when ignoring the science has a small cost and time when it is life threatening.  Let’s talk about three cases where ignoring science can take the life of a business large or small.

It’s about the product!  —  The grave yard is full of sellers of great products like Sun Microsystems, Kodak, Pontiac Motors, McDonnell Douglas, DEC, Standard Oil, and General Foods.  CEOs don’t have to like the part of “Revenue Science™” that says long-term value comes from collaborating with buyers to solve compelling problems – not from developing more products that can be copied by other manufacturers in days, weeks or at most a couple of years.

Those who accept “Revenue Science™” like those that accept gravity, can use it to make everything better.  The company that knows the buyer wants someone to trust for the long-term a lot more than someone looking for a greater wallet share.  In other words, buyers want someone they trust to help them a lot more than they want someone looking for larger and larger wallet shares driven by product sales.

Ignore the science and go with products or go with the science and collaborate to solve problems while giving and getting value.

What we are doing is exactly right and our job is to do more of it.  —  I used to need paper for my dot matrix printer with little holes along the side.  I preferred to buy that from the same organization that sold me my 8” floppy discs.  But I changed and I need new stuff I can buy in the cloud that shows up at my door.

Lots of companies are in that wonderful place where they are making a lot of money with even more on the way.  There was a time when things stayed the same for years or decades.  When Macy’s opened in 1853 they had a formula that worked.  That gave way to malls, and today they are at risk from social and digital.

Starting in 1885, AT&T was one of the most powerful and profitable companies in the world.  They got to tell people if they could have a phone, how many phones they could have and what those phones would be able to do.  They controlled North America and much of the world for about 100 years until the old world of rotary phones strung together with cooper wires gave way to fiber, cable and cellular to name a few.  The next thing you know AT&T is broke and acquired for next to nothing by one of their old local phone companies that believed in “Revenue Science ™”. They knew what they were doing was never exactly right for more than a short period of time.

Those who don’t like friction or “Revenue Science™” and want to keep doing exactly what they have been doing only doing more of it, will join Macys, AT&T, and my old floppy disc provider.  Those who embrace and leverage “Revenue Science™” will predict what is next and be there to collaborate with buyers starved for help to win the future.

The customer is always right  —  Myths are partially true evidence and statements like “the customer is always right” is a myth.  The “Revenue Science™” BellCurve differentiates between customers who are exactly right and do know what they want (commodity buyers), from those who kinda know and from those who don’t have a clue but really, really need something.

Believing a myth is like deciding there is no gravity, so pushing the TV off the table will have no negative effect or deciding to eliminate friction from physics just before you line up your next putt.

“Revenue Science™” clarifies why and how buyers engage to make the engagement process predictably better for everyoneDon’t eliminate the science, but embrace it for the good of buyers and sellers.  Lots of buyers will only get high value if the seller challenges them, asks the right questions, and works with that buyer on a Joint SOW (Statement of Work) to be sure the coming engagement produces the right value for both parties.

I embrace the laws of science at the blackjack table, regarding my health, when driving, and every minute in my business.  Put “Revenue Science™” to work.  Reduce your “Cost of Chaos”, releasing your top line to grow and deepen your pile of cash at years end.

Don’t hate the science, make science your friend, and use that most important tool to predictably grow sales and profits.


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