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Today, we continue our video series on the basic context of Revenue Science™.

Much of the Cost of Chaos to grow revenue is a result of well-meaning people wanting to do things that seem like common sense and completely justifiable for solid business reasons.  But added to your Revenue Roadmap they don’t FIT your customer, strategy, budget, skill set or Go-To-Market RoadMap mix.

The business world if full of things to eat your resources and if luck is with you they will work some times.  The world also has specific tools, Intellectual Property, habits, and skills when intentionally applied to your Revenue Science™  context will predictably increase the flow across your RoadMap producing more value for you and your customers.

View any change of fundamentals in your Revenue Roadmap not as good or bad.  Instead use the Revenue Science™  context to evaluate the fit and impact on the whole (more volume, velocity and value or not) both before and after the change.

Watch the video below to learn more for your business.



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