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Every one of us has choices and our choices matter.  What will or won’t happen is predictable no matter what you believe or want to happen.

  • When we are young we know, we really won’t grow old. We will be the 95-year-old climbing mountains and dating 25-year old’s.
  • When we are healthy we are sure pain and crippling afflictions are for someone else’s life but not ours.
  • While we are employed with reasonable income, unemployment and bankruptcy are inconceivable.

Like our personal life, our business life and our careers do not always create the results we want or expected.   They do create predictable results.  To be clear, predictable is anything that you can see or know before it happens (when you see and know the related facts).

The weather report uses science to predict the exact second of the sunrise and will use probability to predict that it will rain before noon.  Both are predictable and neither is an accident.  One with absolute certainty and one within a range of probability.

For the weekend golfer, this means you know exactly when there will be enough light to play and how likely it will be that you complete the round without your golf club becoming a lightning rod.

Your business survival depends on both types of prediction.  The exact prediction of the balance in your checking account when you write payroll checks and the probability that your new product launch will reach your targets.

Here are two examples where Revenue Science™ helps you predict what is often described as bad luck or accidental (much like your golf club becoming a lightning rod on a day with an 80% probability of thunder storms).  When you realize each of these is predictable you can watch signs of lighting or sunshine and chart your day accordingly.

  1. Outcomes have patterns and patterns become predictable:

Every business (just like a person) has a pattern that predicts the quality and length of life.  What happens next has a lot to do with foundations, what happened in the past, the environment, support resources, and the stage the person or business is in.

Think about a new baby.  When they come home from the hospital they lay in the crib.  Soon they turn over, push up, crawl, toddle and then run like crazy.  As parents, we hide the bug spray, cover the electric sockets, and box up the breakables.  Of course, if we don’t feed, teach, love and care for the baby we predict different outcomes for behavior, mental development, and growth.  After a million years of baby’s we have learned somethings and much can be predicted.

Revenue Science™ tells us that our businesses are as predictable as our children.  The difference is we don’t have a million years of collective learnings to know the stages.  It is those who have studied Revenue Science™ that know the stages and are vigilant between stages, since the stages of the business move faster or slower than other businesses based on environment.

Children’s development is basically a result of biology and support.  A business is a combination of buyers, sellers, value added, organizations, politics, weather, technology, and a big dose of the speed of change – just to name a few.

The child’s changes are vexing yet we have experience and grandparents to help.  Business is highly predictable for those who are willing to learn the science or for those who will hire those who learned the science.

When you learn the science, your outcomes are predictable like the thunderstorm.

  1. You can’t go north and south at the same time.

Every business and every person decides that they will make money from others or with others.  Making money with others is going North and making money from others is going South and not declaring is to be not trusted.

Our digital world results in total transparency.  Everyone sees how many stars we get.  Everyone sees if we get sued or missed a payment.  Past employees who don’t like us show up clearly to anyone who wants to know.

Sometimes people who love us also show, but whatever we do or say is recorded and available for the world to see and make decisions.

All of us want to do business with those who bring us value and that we can trust for a fair deal.  We really want to work with someone who makes money along with us.  We want someone whose world gets better when our world gets better and maybe we even share common beliefs – this is all going North.

If we can’t find someone who cares if we win, we want to find someone who cares enough about themselves to play fair (Amazon doesn’t care much about me but gives me a fair deal) and this is going South.

What scares the crap out of people and organizations is “I do or any anything to make money.”  I will tell you I care or I will tell you I will get you the best price or I will make any promise to get the deal.  Transparency shows the promise to go North and the promise to go South both at the same time.  The result is lack of trust, which creates buyer fear.  The seller who tries to be both North and South can only win when all their competition is worse.

Even if claiming to do both works because of bad competitors the first time someone steps forward that is true North the game is over and we declare a winner.

Pick your True North – make money with your customers and never give them a reason to not trust you.  Your future will be very predictable.

Revenue Science™ changes a random hard world that looks accidental into a predictable world with a Revenue RoadMap to success.  Take the time to learn the science before your competitor does.


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