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Without oxygen, for a short time, a body is at risk to expire and shortly doesn’t survive.

Your business without continuous sales and profit growth even for a short time becomes insignificant and then doesn’t survive.  Sales and profit growth is to business what oxygen is to your body.

The good news for your body is there is a lot of oxygen and your body is on autopilot when it comes to putting the oxygen to work serving every part of the body in a perfect rhythm.

If only sales and revenue were as plentiful as oxygen and your business was as effective at turning out the profits as the human body processing oxygen everyone would have a business.  The body’s autopilot for processing oxygen is necessary for survival and almost impossible to stop without drugs or surgery.

A business, on the other hand, will process nothing unless someone intentionally does something.  Too often that something is not right, not aligned, too fast, too slow, misdirected or incomplete.  The business can look effective if everything comes together by chance.  It works for a while when everything perfectly comes together and until everything that just came together just pulls apart.  The business that had oxygen is gasping and hoping the past returns.

Often part of the business works well.  There is a great sales team, a good marketing partner, a powerful new product or the customers just figure out how great you are.  A business with a part or a couple of parts working often looks like it has a full dose of oxygen since there is nothing to compare with.  It is only when something changes and a part or two working is not enough for survival.

The business that wants a full shot of oxygen to fuel survival and solid long-term health needs that autopilot system just like the body.

A business autopilot has this structure:

  • A Revenue Science™ developed “Revenue Strategy”
  • A Revenue Strategy deployment using a Revenue RoadMap with outcome-based metrics
  • A science-based diagnostic toolkit to execute the Revenue RoadMap and predict the next transitions
  • An outcome-based continuous improvement process
  • A CRO formula deployment to remove the “Cost of Chaos” and aid decision making

There are two ways for an organization to develop this structure:

  1. Hire Revenue Science™ certified support resources.
  2. Get your organization Revenue Science™ Certified.

Don’t let your business be starved for oxygen when there is an abundance if you just have the knowledge, skill, and structure to process it.

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