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The purpose of Revenue Science™ Certification:

The deployment of Revenue Science™ intentionally creates a “better than any other option” relationship between Marketing, Selling, and the Delivery of Customer Value based on available resources. Revenue Science™ acts in the way Six Sigma acted when it transformed manufacturing, supply chain and logistics in the 20th Century.

Those who didn’t deploy Six Sigma or a similar discipline became insignificant and disappeared. Today any organization who does not learn and deploy Revenue Science™ will suffer the same fate.

Unlike other areas of business that have narrow certification applications like Microsoft technicians, tax accountants, HR professions; Revenue Science™ impacts and is impacted by every person in the company. It is rare that there is any employee who does not have an impact on “Revenue Generation.”

“Revenue Generation” is an organization-wide effort that governs the level of success achieved, so it is important that Revenue Science™ become cultural.

The best way to make Revenue Science™ cultural is to make the deployment of Revenue Science™ habitual for the people. The best way to do that is to first certify the core team members in Revenue Science™.

Level 1 certification of Revenue Science™ is CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) Thinking. The certification covers the specific language and body of knowledge practiced by Revenue Science™ professionals in the same way doctors, astronauts, football teams and lawyers use certain words, models, metrics and methods to be sure their work is delivered as perfectly as possible at every execution point organization-wide. This creates specific outcomes in the short-term and predictable strategic outcomes for the long-term.

CRO Thinking is the foundation for universal language, tools, metrics, and models. But thinking alone does not assure the required strategic outcomes. Revenue Science™ execution like in medical, legal and the NFL requires a lot of practice for the individuals and the team. Level 2 certification is aligned deployment of CRO Thinking in the real world to achieve the required outcomes.

Those certified in Revenue Science™ like those in Medicine and Accounting learn to apply the foundation elements guided by norms and ethics. Level 2 is where each person practices the deployment aligned with the customer, patient, or client to learn the real-world application of the science. Doctors have internships, accountants do audits to learn all phases of organizational accounting and those in Revenue Science™ do Level 2 certification to learn real-time application of the science.

Revenue Science™ just like other professions attains certification by demonstrating mastery of the science in the real-world within the norms, methodologies, principles, and ethics of the profession. Since the business world is in constant and rapid change certification lasts for twelve months from the certification date or the end of CEU (Containing Education Unit attainment).

The three functions requiring certification are the c-suite (the strategic leadership team), the operational leadership team (head of sales, marketing, controllers, customer service, product development, etc.) and execution teams (sales, marketing, product engineering, proposal development, etc.). This is where making Revenue Science™ becomes habitual.

After these three functions have been certified in Levels 1 and 2 there are immediate benefits like reduced “Cost of Chaos” and predictable top line growth with a higher margin requiring less investment.

Based on that short-term outcome many organizations not only require the CEUs but expand the staff to be certified and additional certification areas based on opportunities or challenges.

The answer to Why Revenue Science™ Certification and for WHO is – WHY is it to survive and thrive. The WHO are those three functional groups before the whole organization.

Reach out to The Revenue Game for a mentor for immediate improvement or certification to make your success sustainable or to fund your growth from your “Cost of Chaos.”


Upcoming Revenue Science Certification Classes:

Beginning January 13, 2018