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Revenue Science™ the “Safest Way” to Keep Your Strategy Simple & Flexible

Every day there is something new – often coming and going so fast it is hard to know if it helped or hurt your business.

MIT talks about the leader’s job is to think strategically, then deploy, execute, measure and continuously improve by keeping everything clear, simple and flexible.

Today the outcome from a clear, simple and flexible strategy is predictable growth in sales & profits, while this makes sense to say, looks good when functioning, it can be very hard to repeatably deliver in a world that moves like mercury.

Revenue Science™ offers “The CRO’s (Chief Revenue Officer’s) Revenue Operational Formula” that supports decisions, deployment, execution, and measurement. The formula is a clear, simple and the critical step in a long-term continuous improvement culture.

The following graphic introduces the formula and for those who have mastered CRO Thinking it is evident at first glance.


For those who have not mastered CRO Thinking a quick introduction is necessary.

A Revenue Strategy is the starting point for the predictable growth of sales and profits. A Revenue Strategy is as simple as answering these five questions in a way your organization can deploy and execute.

1. What is your brand promise?
2. What’s the customer “problem” that you solve that no one else solves?
3. What niche/s do, or will you dominate?
4. Who is your ideal customer (the human being with the problem you solve)?
5. Which are your key offers for dominating the niche?

With these 5 questions answered the process to deploy and execute is full of decisions to make and outcomes to measure. These 5 answers are simple (mostly 1 sentence other than the offer definition) and since they are from the customer frame of reference, they MUST be flexible to morph with the changes to the customers’ value environment.

Net Profit = (Execution X Brand). As you roll out your go-to-market effort the extent you exert control over Execution and Brand will determine your control of Net Profit.

As you increase your mastery of Revenue Science™ your Net Profit control grows and that is what.

Brand = Revenue Strategy X Alignment (of deployment and execution). From the five Revenue Strategy questions, we know your Brand Promise for what you will deliver to your customers, staff, and partners every time. If you have no promise there are no expectations by the buyer or consistent outcomes from your team. In other words, you have no “Promise” and your deliverables will be random with NO value expectation.

When you have a promise, it comes alive when your strategy defines the Customers Problem you solve no one else solves. Your delivery of the promised solution defines your brand (as random or aligned to the promise and the problem).

Since your promised delivery is very specific to the problem you solve your total organization must be aligned for execution to achieve the promised outcomes. These outcomes announce to the world your integrity in relation to your promise.

In simple terms, if you have no strategy promise there can be NO aligned outcomes and your Brand Promise is random with no expectations of value. A first draft strategy promise can have aligned outcomes and can be on the path to deliver your Brand Promise, which improves your Net Profit beyond random outcomes. The second and third strategy drafts with improving aligned outcomes keep the growth of sales and profits moving up along with the promised value of your Brand.

Execution = Structure X Leverage. The Revenue RoadMap is the engagement model to support buyers trying to get a specific problem solved (even when they can’t define the problem) in the best possible way to improve their business. It is the seller’s responsibility to build that RoadMap and all the support required for the buyer and seller to work together along the RoadMap both giving and getting the greatest value possible from the opportunity.

As sellers consider enhancements to the Revenue RoadMap each enhancement needs to be viewed based on the improvement to the buyer and sellers flow and execution along the RoadMap.

Enhancements are the result of some combination of investments in Structure. Structure is human resource, capital resource, software, hardware, real-estate, training, marketing, trade shows, etc.

Each investment in Structure must be justified based on a predictable outcome and the outcome must be measured for the leverage (positive or negative) created along the Revenue RoadMap. Examples of positive Leverage are more leads, leads that qualify faster, shorter sales cycles, improved delivery that delights more customers and increases margin.

Examples of negative Leverage is a magazine ad that creates no leads, two additional sales persons with no growth in sales, or a CRM that increases administration time and decreases sales time.

To manage Execution leadership needs to require every Structure request to have a project Leverage estimated for the outcome and a specific plan to reach that outcome.

When Structure requires predictable Leverage with a specific support process many requests for investment in Structure will NEVER be presented and some presented will fail the sniff test.

The result will be less “Cost of Chaos” and more Structure requests with a higher probability of positive Leverage. With these well-designed Structure requests, there is a natural continuous improvement next step that supports both short-term and long-term Net Profit growth.

Revenue Science™ provides a “Safe Way” to Keep Your Strategy Simple & Flexible.

Manage only four things:
I. A deployable Revenue Strategy
II. Aligned Execution to the Revenue Strategy
III. Intentional invest in Structure
IV. The Leverage from Structure investment and continuous improving

Since the Revenue Strategy is from the buyer’s frame of reference the buyer will lead both the short-term and long-term strategy to a place of delivering and receiving additional value. The formula will remove the “Cost of Chaos” and increase efficiency resulting in the “Safest Way” to continuously grow sales and profits.

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