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Your Companies Revenue Science™ Mastery Score – Quiz I

Every Company’s success and even survival is dependent on the ability to predictably grow sales and profits regardless what is going on in the world.

The fact that the velocity of change is increasing at about the same rate as the world’s complexity gives no one a pass when it comes to continually growing sales and profits.  The winner today and in the future, is the one who is the “Revenue Generation” winner.  Those who can’t predictably win will have tomorrow’s “closed –  gone fishing” or worst yet “sheriff’s foreclosure” sign in the front window.

The ability to predictably grow sales and profitable revenue at today’s high speed of change and complexity will belong to those who have Mastered Revenue Science™.  Revenue Science™ will diagnosis today, guide deployment to make today profitable, predict tomorrow’s winning formula and drive outcomes to achieve long-term survival and success.

Mastery of Revenue Science™ shows leaders the differences between yesterday’s already transitioned world and tomorrows new requirements for success.  This difference is measured by today’s behavioral outcomes.  Those behavioral outcomes need to be abandoned, improved or scaled.

The world of the past went the other way and measured activities and hoped for profitable outcomes.  Things like cold calls, RFPs responded to, appointments and the number of networking meetings this month, represented our micromanagement of activities hoping to create outcomes for success.

Measure the five outcomes below for your company.  Answer YES for those outcomes your company has achieved and NO for those outcomes your company has not achieved.

____ 1) Half of your sales team under is performing

____ 2) Your sales forecast is off more than 10% at least half the time

____ 3) Sales and Marketing deployment is not aligned in budget, strategy or outcomes

____ 4) The actual sales cycle is longer than in your business plan

____ 5) The actual sales win rate is lower than in your business plan

If you answered YES to two or more of these outcomes your ability to continually grow sales and profits, is at risk.  The more change and the faster the rate of change the greater your risk.  You seem to have little ability to accurately predict or achieve your growth of sales and profits.

If you answered YES to zero or one of these outcomes you are achieving at a level where you can apply a continuous improvement methodology for today’ survival and tomorrow’s success.

Mastery of Revenue Science™ is required for both groups.  The group with two or more YES answers is betting on the competition with less “Revenue Generation” skill, a big bubble of buyer frenzy keeping all players in the market alive or good luck to be in the right place at the right time with the right product with willing buyers. 

If you are in this group with two or more YES answers, get a Revenue Science™ mentor and support organization in place NOW for your organization to Master predictably growing sales and profits.

If you are in the group with one or zero YES answers, you will be growing and making more money.  Your team needs to be Certified in Revenue Science™ to be sure what you have achieved at this point becomes part of your culture.  Revenue Science™ certification is teachable, trainable, measurable, with principles and a Revenue Strategy deployed using a continuous improvement methodology for long-term sustainability and scale.

No matter your score, your future requires intentional Mastery of Revenue Science™ to be sure you can predictably grow sales and profits.

Reach out to The Revenue Game for a mentor for immediate improvement or certification to make what you have sustainable. 

Upcoming Revenue Science Certification Classes:

Beginning January 13, 2018