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Certification SOW Acceptance Form

SOW for Revenue Science™ CRO Thinking Certification

This is the SOW (Scope of Work) for the next scheduled CRO Thinking Certification.

After a review of the SOW the attendee is responsible to accept this SOW by clicking enter.  This is an acknowledgment of understanding and an email signed by The Revenue Game® will be sent to the attendee within five business days.  The attendee will then be invoiced electronically for a $500.00 deposit or the full $4000.00 (US) certification fee based on the session date securing the attendee seat.  This invoice must be paid electronically in seven days from the invoice date.

If the calendar for this session becomes impossible for the attendee, they should email [email protected] to select a different program schedule if possible.

The following SOW Elements are commitments for those attending the CRO Thinking certification:

  • Certification will cover 9 weeks. Each of the first two weeks are intense 4-hour teaching sessions to lay our common foundation.
  • After the first two sessions, each week has a 90-minute mid-week session until the final week, which will be a 3-hour Saturday session.
  • All sessions will be using virtual technology. A computer with high speed internet, a camera and a headset (USB connected) with a microphone is required.
  • In addition to participating in the sessions the demonstration of the mastery of CRO Thinking is required for certification (see examples and guidelines below).
  • Mastery contains 10 foundation elements everyone must demonstrate mastery of. In addition, there are another 14 elements and 5 of those are chosen by each individual and must be mastered for certification.
  • The demonstration of mastery can take many forms and is not intended to be written documentation intensive. By the third week each person who commits to certification needs to schedule a 30-minute call with Rick to present their plan to demonstrate mastery (see examples and guidelines below).
  • Demonstration of mastery will be taken seriously since it determines the quality of our certified community.

Mastery Examples and Guidelines

Those to be certified will master:

  • 10 of the 15 Foundation elements (see below)
  • 5 of the 12 support and tool elements (see below)

Examples of Certification Documentation of Mastery of Elements

  1. Journal
  2. Teach others
  3. Written stories, questions or applications
  4. Examples from work
  5. Doing actual revenue generation or sales work guided by Revenue Science™
  6. Helping your organization transition to Revenue Science™
  7. Working with your organization to get them to want to transition
  8. Helping clients grow through Revenue Science™
  9. Presentations
  10. Account plans
  11. “Revenue Strategy” developed
  12. Diagnosing a current situation for your company, a product or an opportunity
  13. 60-minute call with Rick
  14. Diagnose revenue opportunities and challenges using Revenue Science™ elements for things like:
    • WHY the elements are important
    • HOW the elements are able to help organization create predictable growth of profitable revenue
    • WHAT are examples of deployment
    • True North
    • BellCurve
    • Revenue RoadMap
  15. Review, comments on and application of

Those who become certified are certified for 12 months from the date of certification.

Those who want to continue their professional develop and certification status do that by the Continuing Education (CE) provided monthly by The Revenue Game.    Every month of CE extends the CRO Thinking certification an additional month and starts the CRO Deployment certification process.

The CRO Deployment certification is exactly what it infers – taking the science and deploying, measuring, managing and continuously improving the predictable growth of sales and profitable revenue.

Those who master CRO Thinking can move to CRO Deployment certification – the speed at which they attain certification is a function of demonstrated mastery.

Business Considerations

  1. Read, accept and click enter to receive a signed copy from The Revenue Game® within 5 days.
  2. You are being accepted for the next CRO Thinking Certification session.
  3. After accepting this agreement an invoice for the $500.00 deposit will be issued to be paid within 10 days if this if 45 days prior to the session and a final invoice for the balance ($3500.00) will be presented 30 days prior to your session.
  4. After your payment is received you are considered accepted to the next session. If there are any unexpected issues or surprises, contact Rick McPartlin via email at [email protected]  with 24 hours.
  5. During this engagement, all additions or other changes required by either party needs to be shared in writing and agreed to by both parties within 2 business days, or both parties will have a person-to-person conversation within 3 business days to decide next steps.
  6. All the required Intellectual Property from The Revenue Game® will be a grant to the student under a “nonexclusive license agreement” for this student’s personal and professional use only. This Intellectual Property remains the property of The Revenue Game LLC™ and cannot be sold, granted, licensed or in any other way transferred without written permission of The Revenue Game LLC™.

Thanks for the opportunity, and please call or email with any questions.