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Revenue Science™ Continuing Education

Maintain your CRO Thinking Certification


Continuing Education will be starting August 182017

The Revenue Science™ CE is for those who are currently CRO Thinking certified and want to maintain this certification while pursuing the next Revenue Science™ certification level of CRO Deployment.

The CE sessions will extend Revenue Science™ and deployment practices to predictably grow sales and profits regardless what is going on in the market.

There will be accountability for Mastery of CRO Deployment over each 12-month CE contract.

Session Details

  1. The CE sessions are virtual with pre-work and home work shared in group sessions.
  2. All sessions will be recorded and in a library for CE member use.
  3. Sessions are 90 minutes long.
  4. CE Session 1A will be on the third Friday of each month (unless there is advanced notice of a required change) at 9:00 am NY time.
  5. This will be a fixed day and time with a maximum of 12 Revenue Science™ professionals engaged in CE certification.
  6. Once CE Session 1A is full, a new session will be opened.
  7. When a vacancy occurs in any session the first Revenue Science™ professional currently engaged or desiring to be engaged in certification who contracts for a day and time is added to that session.

Session Costs

$400 per month is invoiced monthly and the fee is paid monthly and due by end-of-day on the second Friday of the month.

If the Revenue Science™ professional becoming engaged in certification prefers to pay for the 12 months by the second Friday of the first engagement month the fee is $4,000.00.

Those covered by their enterprise or Vistage have other fee arrangements.

At the end of 12 months of demonstrated deployment mastery a CRO Deployment Certification will be issued that is in force for a 12-month period after the last CE session attended, which includes digital recognition on The Revenue Game® website and marketing support.

This CE engagement also extends the CRO Thinking Certification for a 12-month period after the last session attended.

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