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Apply Revenue Science™ Proactively and Develop Best Practices


Removing “Luck” as a critical element of generating revenue and replacing luck with Revenue Science™ is the purpose of coaching CEOs and revenue leaders in CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) thinking and executing. The problem a CRO coaching company has is that they want to win The Revenue Game by continually growing profitable revenue and don’t have a predictable way to do that. CRO coaching solves that problem with a science based diagnostic and execution model for Revenue Generation. This diagnostic model puts all revenue questions through a structured thinking process of: How does this situation align with our strategy, how does our brand promise apply here, what structure do we have or need to make this repeatable and successful, and finally, what does the science tell us about our execution options.

CRO coaching always considers both today and the future. It also examines how the Cost of Chaos impacts both the ability to win as well as the EBITDA.

The profile for the CRO coaching is a CEO who has a complex opportunity or business model, they need to create leverage for revenue execution, and they want to eliminate risk or reduce the “Cost of Chaos.” Also there will be a lot of money to win or risk, the CEO has enough leadership team to implement the changes, and finally, the CEO wants to do the work necessary to win.

The way CRO coaching typically works is bi-monthly calls or meetings with the CEO (location is not an issue). These interactions can include key revenue personnel, or those can be separately scheduled sessions.

In some cases, the mission is to develop current revenue staff into the role of CRO to support the CEO’s company strategy in which case most meetings are with the “CRO in waiting” and the CEO as necessary.

Normally in addition to the regularly scheduled interactions, the CEO or revenue staff should be sending the coach current issues, opportunities, or problems (emails, RFPs, proposals) so we can apply the revenue science proactively and develop best practices.

The fees for this are determined after we do a joint SOW (Scope of Work). The typical range is between one and four thousand dollars per month. In some cases, we may also do current state revenue audits or annual revenue strategies to get the whole team engaged, and those fees are developed for the specific client.

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