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Our Mission and Methodology



Our mission is to help our clients to use Revenue Science™ to map the context of business so staff thrive and customers receive the greatest value!


The Revenue Game was born out of a passion for business excellence and some core beliefs that we use to guide all of our work.

We Believe that it’s time to eliminate the ad hoc nature of marketing and sales. Let’s impose discipline and metrics to take out waste, and increase the return per dollar invested.

We Believe that marketing and sales are controllable and must be linked to financial results.

We Believe that many business leaders have not calculated their true sales costs and therefore have not adapted a sense of urgency to change

We Believe that a primary reason for the failure of Revenue Generation strategies is a lack of consistent implementation processes.

We Believe that your markets are always in transition, and so should your Revenue Generation model.

We Believe that Revenue Generation is a science that has a body of knowledge, principles, best practices, and ethics.



Everyone talks about strategy. But how do you bring it to life, make it clear, and communicate it throughout the organization and to your customers? Your Revenue Generation strategy clarifies:

  • Your message
  • Your value proposition
  • Your buyer
  • Your sales process
  • Your delivery process
  • Your engagement model
  • Your channels
  • Your outcome


Now, let’s turn your Revenue Generation structure into consistent results. Research has shown that poor plan execution is a primary reason for business failure. We work with you in designing an execution process that will live within your organization to implement this year’s plan…and next year’s plan.

We eliminate ad hoc marketing and replace it with an aligned and sustainable Revenue Generation process.




The right business tools provide an efficient mechanism for achieving tactical goals. We will, through proper alignment, recommend the tools for your needs, help with their implementation, and design METRICS to track your results.


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