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Today, we continue our video series on the basic context of Revenue Science™.

As a young parent of one child, I wondered what it was like to have two.  Then I wondered what it was going to be like to have three.  Then as Clint Eastwood advised, I got to “know my limitations” and realized three was perfect.

In business, we need to learn Offer Management because there are limitations to the number of offers any business can manage successfully.  Just like children, each offer requires a lot of resource in the form of time, cash, leadership, staff, marketing, etc.

Since organizations, like parents, have a limit to available resources, making decisions about the best possible future outcome from the resource pool is a point of leverage or weakness.

Unlike the family, a company can drop an offer that will not justify the required investment now or ever.  Offer Management is the way a wise company plans for the future.  Today’s cash cow can fund future strategic success.

Revenue Science™ provides the context guidelines for the number of offers, their location on the BellCurve and relationship to the company’s Revenue Strategy and other offers, that when followed predict both short-term and long-term success.

Watch the video below to learn more for your business.



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