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Rick McPartlin

2008 TEC Canada “Best US Speaker of the Year”

Rick McPartlin, president and co-founder of The Revenue Game, regularly presents to CEO groups and executive forums. Named 2008 TEC Canada “Best US Speaker of the Year,” Rick is known for his energetic style and compelling solutions for deep flaws in today’s business environment.

Member comments published by TEC Canada: “Awesome!!”, “WOW! I know where I stand and where I have to go!”, “Very necessary tool for any CEO who is serious about his business.”

Rick’s presentations include “The Myths and Principles of Revenue Generation”, “The CEO as CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)” and 7 “New Tools For 21st-Century Revenue Growth”, all described below. You can also download a description as a PDF and watch video clips of previous presentations.

The Myths and Principles of Revenue Generation

Too many business leaders have fallen prey to the erroneous “myths” of Revenue Generation that are often perpetuated by their own team members, peers or even the business press. No longer can business afford to be deluded with wishes such as “that next great sales rep will bring in the big account” or “that the new marketing plan will actually work this time.”

Rick conducts this passionate and energetic presentation to introduce business leaders to the best practices and principles of Revenue Generation through the introduction of Stage 5 Revenue Standards. Stage 5 Standards are used to demonstrate how Revenue Generation moves from being ad hoc, to a results-driven model that can be managed. Business leaders will know exactly where they are in the market, what to do next, and then be confident of the positive results down the road.

As the six sigma revolution brought process and metrics to manufacturing, so too must process and metrics be utilized in Revenue Generation. Stakeholders must stop accepting the wasted dollars, the lost leads, the empty pipelines, and the disgruntled customers of the past and start demanding, and expecting, better results.

Members leave the presentation energized by an understanding of which stage their company is currently in and what concrete steps are necessary for moving to a higher level.

The CEO as CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)

CEOs are accountable for profitable Revenue Generation even if they are not prepared to actually do it. As long as you have the role of Chief Revenue Officer, you’d better make it successful. The CEO/CRO challenge is to lead your team so that the revenue result will be predictable and profitable growth.

Rick conducts this passionate and energetic presentation to transform CEOs who don’t consider themselves as sales and marketing experts, as well as improve those who do. The two skills required to be a competent CRO are:

  1. The ability to understand revenue generation best practices and build a revenue strategy based on them;
  2. The ability to lead their team to implement the strategy in a changing market.

This presentation will introduce CEOs to the office of the CRO, show them how to apply Revenue Generation best practices, and teach them the skills necessary to implement “CRO thinking” in their organization.

Members leave this presentation with a new paradigm on revenue generation that will help them get out of the “sales vs marketing” spiral and align the entire organization around a clear strategy for growth.

New Rules 7 New Tools For 21st-Century Revenue Growth (Or How to Get Paid to Change Your Business Model)

The 21st century has already brought us the tech meltdown and more recently the real estate bubble burst that led to the worst recession in more than 70 years. Maybe this new century is trying to tell us something. Maybe we need to pay attention to the new rules, create new strategies and apply new tools.

The last 20 years have made one thing really clear: There is a difference being in the right place at the right time and building a great company. Since things change so fast, a right-place right-time company can be out of business before the second generation can start thinking about taking over. If you are doing great today or having great challenge, you need to know what the 21st century is going to ask of new leaders and entrepreneurs. They will need to learn some new skills, and none of those is more important than learning and applying the science of Revenue Generation. It’s different than sales and marketing and must be applied organization-wide, not by select departments.

This workshop will help you see the difference between successfully developing revenue in the last century and going forward into the global 21st century. We will compare old school revenue strategies, business models, structures supporting execution with what needs to be done going forward. The new Revenue Generation science, best practices, structure and tools will be presented in a way you can put them to work upon leaving the workshop across your organization.

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