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Rick McPartlin

CEO, The Revenue Game

Rick McPartlin

Rick is lifetime sales person and the son of a sales person who grew up with B2B people in the auto industry buying and selling big dollar stuff.

At 14 Rick started selling golf equipment and cookware.   After a BBA, an MA and an MSB it was clear the rest of the 20th Century would be dominated by technology.  Rick applied his education to developing software before doing sales and marketing for F1000 organizations.

These experiences revealed that the process of producing “Profitable Revenue” was a science and the outcomes predictable.  This lead Rick to deploying “Revenue Science™” to certify those who want to be revenue professionals and to be a fractional CRO for organizations that need to continuously grow sales and profitable revenue.

Focused Areas of Practice
  • Gold – Marketing
  • Blue – Sales
Details of Practice

The Revenue Game, LLC certifies those committed to being revenue professionals and who master the various elements of “Revenue Science™”.

“Revenue Science™” certification was launched in 2016 and complements a “Revenue Generation” consulting practice founded in 1989 continuing to today. This consulting practice based on “Revenue Science™” develops a deployable Revenue Strategy supported by other certified “Revenue Science™” professionals, a methodology, tools and metrics with an immediate benefit of sales and profitable revenue growth.

  • Certified in CRO Thinking
  • Certified in CRO Deployment

Contact Information

Phone:  (800) 757-8377 x 701
Email:  Rick.McPartlin@therevenuegame.com