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Stanton Sipes

                     EVP of Business Development, Veyo LLC

Stan Sipes

Stan is responsible for the development and implementation the Veyo go-to-market strategy, and to ensure Veyo takes its rightful place as the organization that’s changing how healthcare logistics impacts patient health. Stan brings a history of success as a leader, strategist, entrepreneur and passionate customer advocate to Veyo. He honed his skills as a manager/leader while at Caterpillar, Inc., moving quickly up the executive ranks in positions across the globe. As the youngest partner in a 50-year old management and leadership consulting firm, Stan worked to develop and expand relationships with more than 300 companies, opening successful new operations and coaching CEOs in the use of the accountability methodologies of his firm. He then founded a software firm, GoalCentrix, that developed the first collaborative goal-achievement platform to enable teams and individuals to work together to achieve critical goals. Later, as the Director of Business Development at our sister company, Total Transit, he more than doubled revenue in less than three years. Stan’s also invested countless hours as an advocate for nonprofits, and has developed a considerable network of mentors across the globe that he credits for his successes. Stan resides in Arizona with his wife and children.  Stan has a proven track record as a mentor, guiding and implementing customer relationship strategies with integrity. Stan graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

Focused Areas of Practice
  • Blue – Sales
Details of Practice
CRO processes implemented at Veyo include:
Strategic pipeline targeting and management
Designed specific sales processes for direct selling and RFP response opportunities
Integrated the process of developing a Joint Scope of Work with the prospects, compressing the sales cycle and generating the foundation for long term relationships
Integrated a coaching process based on the CRO model for the VP of Sales Team.
  • Certified in CRO Thinking
  • Certified in CRO Deployment

Contact Information:

Phone:  (602) 692-0950
LinkedIn:  Stanton Sipes
Email:   ssipes@veyo.com
Website:  Veyo, LLC