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This is Where You Decide to get Certified in CRO Thinking

The Virus Changed the Revenue World

Winning The Revenue Game® requires Science.  Without Science, this crazy time with lots of stress, anxiety, and risk remains in control.

 This Post Virus Economy has NEW RULES that DEMAND NEW TOOLS and Chief Revenue Officer Thinking to apply.


It is time for Revenue Science™ so you change faster always moving toward your True North and the profits this Post Virus Economy promises the bold.  Follow the example of Mary Jane Mapes of The Aligned Leader Institute, LLC on her recent CRO Thinking certification.  We thank her for sharing her experience of applying the NEW RULES and TOOLS.


If you are as bold and proactive as Mary Jane, this is your time to take control of this economy.

This Is What CRO Thinking Will Mean to You?

You will control your Revenue Generation functions, including marketing, product development, sales, business development, customer service and delivery.  This science-based control results in an immediate decrease in the Cost of Chaos with an increased topline growth. By following Mary Jane’s lead, you will power up sales and profits for 2021 and beyond. 

Once certified in CRO Thinking you will:

  • Complete your business strategy with the 5 Question Revenue Strategy that accelerates sales growth.
  • Recognize and remove the Cost of Chaos within your organization saving bottom-line dollars.
  • Move confidently toward your True North to focus resources on margin and sales growth.
  • Apply the Revenue Science™ BellCurve to what were complicated issues and opportunities to know when to say NO and when to GO.
  • Have a Revenue RoadMap supporting your highest deal flow in the shortest period of time.
  • Transfer more value to buyers willing to pay for that value.
  • and more….


Sanjay Malik’s Testimonial

Sanjay Malik

( VP Sales and Account Management at Global Aviation Services, INC )

“I was encouraged to join the Revenue Science program to obtain a certification in CRO for my organization, the first thought was one more course to attend. However, to my surprise, the program was extremely interesting, and I looked forward to the next class and session with Rick McPartlin. I soon realized that my interest stemmed from the success factor (that has always guided me) in learning new approaches towards people and tasks that I needed to excel at but it also reinforced what I already knew and had discarded away over the years. Compounded by the market conditions, the never-ending story about low pricing, and the numerous horror stories of not succeeding from your colleagues; I became a disciple of the Revenue Science program that was delivered with professionalism and held my attention. The interest taken by Rick is noteworthy as it ensured I kept pace throughout the journey while aligning my goals towards measurement and success. In a nutshell, my needs were understood, the program was delivered flexibly using industry best practices and teaching this old dog new tricks. I would recommend Rick and the program to all for keeping the customer in mind, the professionalism in developing and harnessing resources, and the time to guide and discuss each avenue to ensure satisfaction and continued success.”

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The predictability of Revenue Science™ is so precise that it will take your marketing, planning, sales and implementation to new levels.

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