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Strategic Planning Services

This Year Will Be Different! Will You?


What will it take for you to dominate your target niche?

Where will you find the leverage to fuel your growth?

Who will be contributing to your growth – your customers? Staff? Partners?

How will you take advantage of the New Normal?

Let The Revenue Game be your Chief Revenue Officer and lead you through the Revenue Generation Strategy + Execution process!


Sometimes you need outside partners to help you see clearly and execute sharply. The Revenue Game will be your objective CRO guide to drive Stage 5 revenue generation success for your organization this year.

There are two objectives in this special Revenue Strategic Strategy + Execution offer:

  1. Teach Revenue Generation principles to the leadership team so they can plan and execute the strategy and structure necessary for long term, systemic, and profitable revenue growth. The goal is for the team to make sound revenue decisions and know WHY they’re making those decisions even long after the strategy meeting is completed.
  • Develop a go-forward strategy with an immediate executable plan. 


Buyer's Problem Solve


To achieve our objectives, we’ll take your team through the following process.

1. Pre-meeting work

  • Each member of your team will fill out an on-line survey from The Revenue Game. We’ll tabulate the surveys and present the results during the on-site phase of the strategic planning process.
  • We will review your existing marketing/sales materials and messages including ad campaigns, your website, contracts, sales presentations and more.
  • We will conduct phone interviews with each member of your leadership team, uncovering alignment challenges, strategy & implementation recommendations, resource limitations, talent needs and more.

2. A 2 ½-day revenue strategic planning session on the company premises (conducted by a two-person team from The Revenue Game).

What’s the difference between CORPORATE strategic planning and REVENUE strategic planning? In corporate strategic planning, companies look at a wide range of important strategic issues such as financial and investment strategy, capital acquisitions, personnel strategy and so forth.

The difficulty in that approach is that when you’re grappling with so many issues, REVENUE — how the company positions itself and executes to bring in top line revenue — often gets lost. Yet revenue drives everything. We separate it and focus on your customers — how find them, appeal to them and keep them.

To have a scalable and deployable Revenue Strategy your team must answers to these questions with operational answers:

  1. What is our brand promise?
  2. What’s the customer “problem” that we solve for the customer NO ONE else Solves?
  3. What niche/s do or will we dominate?
  4. Who is our ideal customer?
  5. Which offers result in domination?

Most importantly, you’re completing this analysis as a team so that all functional areas understand what the company is doing, why you’re doing it, and how each group affects revenue growth.

3. A written meeting summary following the on-site session (provided by The Revenue Game).

4. A 30-day follow up period in which The Revenue Game will hold a weekly phone call to assist leadership with the immediate tactical steps of implementation.

Revenue Science™ is about “growing new money” – Discounts and low prices are about “saving old money”

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