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Revenue Science Urgent Care

Do you have a sales or “Revenue Generation” question or opportunity where a second opinion from an objective Revenue Science™ professional would put you “at ease?”

​​Revenue Urgent Care is the place you find that objective Revenue Science™ professional who will help diagnose whatever created your dis-ease, (problem or opportunity – personal or business) help you achieve clarity, next steps and leave the 50 minute session “at ease” with a plan.

Watch the intake overview video and decide if the fastest way to be “at ease” is to complete the InTake process.

Rick McPartlin, founder of The Revenue Game and creator of Revenue Science™, introduces a new offering, the 50-minute Urgent Care Session.

With Revenue Science™ you can learn to make more money, spend less time working, and have more fun doing it!

The purpose of a business is to create and keep customers.  The purpose is clear yet the path to achieving that is anything but clear with every day presenting choices that must be made.

The choices are demanded by suspects, prospects, customers, staff, the market and the future.  Sometimes leadership has all the information and resource necessary to confidently make the decision and take the next step. But, sometimes you need objective, independent and science-based views of today and the future.

Sometimes you need that objective, independent and science-based views right now to sooth the knot in your stomach and then confidently move to the next step (more of the same or brand new).

That is the time to go to the Revenue Urgent Care Center for a quick level set, a fast check of strategy or a rapid review of what others advised you to do.  After all you own the decision and the next steps.

The Revenue Urgent Care Center is where you get objective, independent, professional and science-based understanding, planning and action.  Now is the time for The Revenue Urgent Care Center, if you need support to serve both the short-term and the long-term – that is when you are in the Revenue Urgent Care Center is right place.

Revenue Urgent Care is for WHEN:

  • You just need to KNOW!
  • Sales DEMAND an answer.
  • You need an independent Revenue Science™ professional’s opinion.
  • You need an answer and a predictable revenue plan.
  • You need your strategy challenged.
  • You need advice from a CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) not on your payroll.
  • You need to know if the customer is always right.

Revenue Urgent Care is WHERE you turn to get objective feedback and options that result in predictable growth of sales and profits.

Revenue Urgent Care has the team WHO you count on to use science and objectivity to triage whatever is challenging you and then collaborate with you on next steps to achieve the necessary outcomes.

Revenue Urgent Care gets you on the path to clarity and action starting NOW.

The Revenue Urgent Care process is WHAT it takes to immediately get assigned a Certified CRO to access the situation details, diagnose options and help build a science-based plan.

The Revenue Urgent Care Center knows WHY you need a Certified CRO who in 50 minutes challenges, understands and move everyone to action.

The Revenue Urgent Care Center IMMEDIATLY connects you to that Certified CRO to cut the chaos and move to action.

Revenue Urgent Care will help you immediately as well as helping you find other Revenue Science™ Certified SUPPORT for both the short-term and long-term.

The predictability of Revenue Science™ is so precise that it will take your marketing, planning, sales and implementation to new levels.


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