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Trevor Martin

Owner, Noms Bake Shop

Bolormaa Nyamdorj

I certainly didn’t grow up wanting to own a bakery. I still don’t. But having always had a passion for business, my relentless pursuit of developing and growing my own business eventually led me to creating Noms Bake Shop with my wife and family in 2015. While on the surface, Noms may seem like your classic cookie company, we are anything but, and that’s the exciting part.

In the noisy world of gift-giving, Noms Bake Shop makes our customers the hero, providing a solution to corporate and personal gifting by cutting through the clutter and delivering a premium twist on traditional baked goods in a highly personalized way that’s easy to order. From the baking of our gourmet products (which are exceptional, if I do say so myself) to the laser etching of our custom wooden boxes, our gifts are crafted in-house to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to our recipients

Not only do I love what I do in the respect that I get to grow a business that’s a differentiator in the market, but I get to do it with a team of people that are just as driven and aligned with the same mission as I am. Having a collaborative team of like-minded, yet wildly diverse personalities not only makes the work environment and culture dynamic and vibrant, but I wholeheartedly believe it allows us to continue to deliver a first-class gifting solution that is simple to give and extraordinary to receive.

And that’s why Noms isn’t a bakery. It’s so much more.

Focused Areas of Practice
  • Blue – Sales
  • Certified in CRO Deployment

Contact Information

Phone: (844) 438-6667

Email:   trevor@getnoms.com
Website:  http://www.getnoms.com/
LinkedIn:  https://linkedin.com/in/trevor-martin