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We are bringing you another “classic” this week, as we are in the process of creating something new for 2020! Stay tuned, coming soon!

In the 21st Century, a company’s greatest risk and opportunity come from the complexity that is “Revenue Generation”.

That complexity is multiplied by the extreme and rapid change impacting the market, the economy, the technology, the generations of buyers and employees as well as world stability.

If you build a car, package soap or harvest a crop that is hard enough but you control the machines in the plant (those robots do exactly what you tell them), you control the formula for the soap and the machines for packaging and while you don’t control the weather you have a great deal of control over everything else affecting the crops.

Now imagine we need to harness the 43 key areas of marketing, you need to pick the right market niche out of the thousands of choices, you need to jump in your customer’s brain to decide pricing and timing for the purchase.

The result of all these things you don’t control is that B2C companies have a “Cost of Chaos” for producing revenue between 10 and 20% of their gross sales and B2B companies between 20 & 50% of their gross sales.  Those eliminating the complexity and chaos are winners and the rest will pass.

Those who provide revenue services for you as employees, consultants, partners or vendors either add to the complexity when they are all using a different playbook with a different language, toolset, and metrics or are reducing complexity when they are certified and come together like a great surgery team in an OR.

Revenue Science™ certification is how you get that great team reducing your “Cost of Chaos” which immediately increases your EBDITA and releases your topline to grow.  It improves the results.

You pick, complexity or certification?

Revenue Science™ creates the greatest growth from your
Marketing, Selling, and Delivery resources deployed.

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