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Thank you for the certification. I realize the impact it has on your brand to put our names out there as certified. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am to you and all of the time you have invested in me. I know what you might say about the “why” for The Revenue Game, but I believe you are just a great dude that wants to have a positive impact on the lives and businesses of those around you that just want to generate revenue the right way. I hope that I can keep you in my circle as I take on this new chapter in life.

Thank you!

Billy Shivers

VP of Operations and Technology, Sites USA

“RG+A, a consulting and marketing research firm based in New Hope, PA, has earned a reputation as an innovator in primary research and consulting for the healthcare industry, advising pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on commercial evaluations, business development, pre-launch planning, forecasting, pricing, market valuations, and strategy development.

We hired the Revenue Game® to help us refocus on efforts and streamline our offerings due to market and internal changes.  Over the two-day period, we were able to align on our brand promise, prioritized offerings, identify our “sweet spot” and establish a path forward.  In the end, our promise is to provide robust insights and robust experience to define market opportunities to help more patients.”

J. Martin Jernigan, RPh, Ph.D.

President and Chief Operating Officer, RG+A Results. Guidance. Action.

“I’ve been sailing boats and businesses for over 25 years and have never run into a navigator as good as The Revenue Game. Much of my confidence comes from having them on my crew.“

Larry Lazin

Chief Executive Officer, Global Lighting

Rick has helped us in a variety of revenue-driving projects, from broad conceptual models to focused individual coaching. Among other things, Rick’s contribution helped us to rationalize and ultimately execute a complete reorganization of our sales model to nearly double revenue over the past three years. We would wholeheartedly recommend him to any company interested in maximizing their top-line potential.

Scott Gilbert

Chief Financial Officer, ESS

I believe The Revenue Game has delivered more value than any consultant or firm we have ever worked with. What makes them such great consultants?

1. Trust – We trust The Revenue Game. They know what they’re talking about; Jane and Rick are two of the most competent people we have ever worked with. And while many consultants try to sell additional services, Jane and Rick have never tried to sell us anything above what we originally agreed to.

2. Team – Most consultants we have worked with have helped on a single project or facilitated a strategic leadership meeting, usually with great success. Yet The Revenue Game goes way beyond a few days of meetings; they’re on the leadership team helping us change our behaviors to move to the next level. Changing behaviors won’t happen over a few days; Jane and Rick coach us on a weekly basis and constantly encourage us to approach problems in a new way. As a result, we’re seeing significant positive changes in how our organization works.

3. Goal Oriented – Although we have always set some corporate goals, The Revenue Game has taught us how to manage toward our goals and ensure success. We now have the leaders and managers create annual goals, set clear process on how they are going to reach their goals, and have measurable milestones along the way.

Overall The Revenue Game has helped us create processes to reach our goals and improve the way our organization works and communicates. As a result, we are moving toward a true team environment.

I expect 2009 to be our big breakthrough year with significantly increased profits, sales, and organizational health.

Matt Geller

Chief Operating Officer, GV Financial Advisors, Inc., GV Capital Management, Inc.

I have used the services of Rick McPartlin in two separate companies and highly endorse the professionalism and the RESULTS of his approaches to revenue generation.

Both of the companies had viable technology-based service offerings but were suffering from a lag in sales and in repeat sales. Rick and his team analyzed the market and the individual sales/marketing approaches of the companies. They then worked with the existing sales team and to develop revenue generation “vectors.” One other unusual aspect of the approach is that Rick did not view it as a sales problem, but as a problem requiring the alignment of all of the companies’ systems and thinking/decision-making around sales and profitable, repeat revenue generation.

I highly recommend their approaches and will engage their services again if the opportunity arises.

Don Goeltz

Partner, Momentum Technology Partners CXO Executive Management Services For VC/Private equity firms, portfolio companies and corporate ventures

They offered Siemens a discipline for launching new products that forced us to plan for the “moment of truth” with our customers. Their approach helped re-focus our energies away from the many cross-functional conflicts often associated with bringing products to market — to be guided by our customers’ priorities.

Susan Bailey Schramm

Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Siemens Carrier Networks / Siemens Information and Communication Networks

I’ve had a relationship with Rick since 1994, in multiple roles and at two companies. Rick provides a unique blend of consulting skills with the experience to translate high-level concepts into practicable action plans. His early engagements with my team helped develop a model for product introduction and rollout that shortened time-to-market for new products, ensured timely and relevant development and delivery of selling tools, and created metrics that we used to drive continuous improvement. [Director of NA Product Marketing-Sun] Rick’s later engagements at Sun helped us address a number of sticky problems related to field engagement and customer marketing, and had a lasting impact on field marketing processes and procedures.

I’ve been the beneficiary of Rick’s counsel and expertise for many years, and recommend him and his team wholeheartedly.

Jim Lee

Director, Channel Marketing, Network Appliance


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