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This series of posts is for “Those Having Problems Transferring and Receiving Enough Value” to Survive and Thrive.

CROs (Chief Revenue Officers) do ONE thing for two groups of people.  CROs SOLVE PROBLEMS.  For Sellers, they SOLVE for current and future Buyers needing additional monetized value from the Seller.  When the buyers receive enough value, the buyer is willing to pay a fee that makes both organizations thrive.

The SECOND group CROs Solve Problems for is their own company.  Most organizations are trying to sell offers made up of products, services, or a combination.  These organizations are operated by competing for internal silos whose independent siloed approaches create chaos, eat cash, and inhibit buyer engagement.  The problem the CRO solves for their own company is how to create an aligned, purpose-driven Revenue Strategy, that transfers buyer value through a people-first culture.

This series of Problem Posts are dedicated to SOLVING specific value transfer problems for these two groups.  Please join this problem-solving journey by following these posts and then making the commitment to bring CRO Thinking to your part of the business world.

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